Many people are playing Killzone 2 already

PS3Hype writes: 'When I looked at my friend list on the PSN I was shocked! There were already playing 14 out of the 18 (who were online at the PSN) Killzone 2. That is very impressive because the game will released the day after tomorrow. Also there are already 14.300 players who played the Killzone 2 multiplayer!'


Edit: 15.639 are playing the multiplayer right now (5 min later). Official release date: 27/02/09.

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Pennywise3215d ago

I cant get my preorder until Friday. The guy said Sony sent out letters about releasing it early would get the stores in deep water.

Marceles3215d ago

And as always stores dont listen lol...I wish there was one of those rebel stores around me so I can get it right now

TheTwelve3215d ago

I had homies on my friends list playing a month ago. I ignored them out of jealousy. Of course, one of them was an official Sony employee but still...pissed me off. TWO MORE DAYS PEOPLE!!!


Montrealien3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I wont sell it till tomorow at midnight, however I sure as hell am playing it when I can.

I was getting an error code when I tried to go online though, guess the servers are up?

edit: woot! servers are up and running.

hay3215d ago

I would play it now, I got my copy today but I'm abroad till the friday :/

Lifendz3215d ago

Between reviewers spoiling segments left and right and some of my friends already playing the game. I want the game already. Friday morning I'm ready. Got 5.1 surround sound headphones just for this game (also because my roommates are constantly complaining about my tv...bishes).

See you on the beach.

PSN: Lifendz

N4360G3215d ago

I want it to be Friday already,I can't wait to play Killzone 2!!

jammy_703215d ago

2 million will be online :P

i might complete the game 1st though, or switch between the 2... yeah thats the best way =)

ThanatosDMC3215d ago

I stopped looking at reviews, videos, and screenshots a month ago. All ready bought it, just waiting for it to come to me.

TheFreak3215d ago

i'm playing it. Done 20 % of the campaign played 3 hours

hay3215d ago

@ThanatosDMC: hahah, I'm trying to do the same. Only I see about Killzone is the demo. Like they say, awaited tastes better.

UnSelf3214d ago

i just picked up my copy today and i must say this is the best FPS i ever played in my life. I havent even touched the multiplayer yet.

btw, if u live in NYC PM me and ill tell u the exact spot where i got mine. they have plenty of copies left.

U can also PM me about any questions u may have about the game.

Im up to the 4th lvl wit 6% tropphies and i cant put the controller down

PSN:UnSelfHomicide...>Add me

cayal3214d ago

My copy is waiting for me at the store now...unfortunately I am at work.

8 hours to go...:(

But I get a cool case...:S

StephanieBBB3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Played it on hard and it took about 6 hours. Except for the last boss. He's F'ing impossible to kill without easy/normal on.

Must say this game probably takes the "best game I've ever played award" It's Simply amazing.

Tried multiplayer and got to rank 2 in one match. But now im off to bed =)

Nonsense 4 Gamers3214d ago

You can't put the controller down, yet you read and posted on N4G =/

On Topic: I called every store by me and they all said A) I have to wait until Friday B) They don't have it.

PS3istheshit3214d ago

i cant believe over 15 000 ppl are playing right now
thats more than the leaderboards on dark sector (which i just bought)
it came out at the launch of the ps3 and its beaten by killzone2 and that game didnt even release in stores yet
man this game is starting the ps3 2009 year real good
god of war 3 can be 2010 cuz cod4 online has lasted over a year and who knows how long killzone2 will last
3 or 4 years maybe

Snyph3r3214d ago

Went to superstore to get salad, lookedthe the games and saw it on display and asked the teller, she said its popular today but she can't scan it so she has to used lego batman to scan for 49.99... so I bought 3, for my nephew and co-worker... LOL! going to play itrightnow (just got off from my part time job and I'llbe late for myfulltime tomorrow :P )

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Ghoul3215d ago

including me

allready opend a clan :)
played 2 hours today.

rest assured that the mp IS INCREDIBLE. and awesomely stable.
32 mann action NO SINGLE lag or fps problem. And the graphics arent toned down a bit in mp it looks gorgous

im totally stunned

interrergator3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

cant wait till friday

jammy_703215d ago

you lucky '@{}&^&%!

good to hear that its amazing :)

Sevir043215d ago

enjoy i'll be online slaying helghast this friday or thursday night. ^^ awesome stuff. bring in the KZ2

Ghoul3214d ago

i have it since 20.2 :D played thorough the SP 2 times allready ^^

Bubble Buddy3214d ago

Not attacking K2 here but does it have potential like COD4's online? Because COD4 I can't let go since '07. Hopefully, K2 will pull me off it.

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-GametimeUK-3215d ago

Will be pwning them n00bs on friday :-)

Gun_Senshi3215d ago

you got no ps3. You will be playinng X360 or World of Warcraft this friday

thor3215d ago

lol gametime has a PS3 he just winds people with his comments 90% of the time. In fact, most people on this site have a PS3 even the trolls.

-GametimeUK-3215d ago

Exactly thor... Just because I dont sit with 2 fingers shoved up my bum thinking about the CELL doesnt mean I dont have a PS3

Fanboyism aside lets just have an all out war on this game... It looks a lot of fun online

andron6663215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Pre-ordered from and they sent have sent it. Can't wait...

Edit: Also the release date is the 25 in many European countries, like Norway where I live. So the game is out some places...

Lucreto3215d ago

My order has been sent but I won't get it until Monday. Lucky there is a bus strike so I can play it then.

WhittO3215d ago

Ye i ordered of, should come friday.

O and how longs that bus strike for ? i have to get the bus to Uni lol

Wolverick3215d ago

But no shipping notice yet :(

Ridrick3214d ago

Should be tomorrow morning.

And I'm off work till monday :) Happy days !

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