The Save Points Review: Flower

TSP writes: "If you're looking for something deep here, there isn't much. There is no real story, the closest thing to it is that you are looking at a window in an apartment there are flower pots with stems that are out of bloom, as you hold your button you are granted a transition image as the field loads in which you will carry out a few tasks in order to reach the goal and come back to the apartment and see the flower open. The game have no dialog, just a few simple commands."

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-GametimeUK-3577d ago

Quite possibly THE BEST experienceto be had on the HD consoles... This game is "that" good... Linger in Shadows was supposed to be visual are of some sort... Flower shows us how its supposed to be done... Seriously this is the best looking thing this gen just from an artistic point of view... OMG I LOVE IT!