SpongyChicken: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Review

The menu system is a nice feature with each game listed there is a screen to the side to preview the game, you can also find out the history of the game and the original packshots. This is a nice feature and gives the game an up-to-date feel.

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Picnic3551d ago

As I posted on the site:

'People will obviously say that there are certain games not included in the collection, but with the vast collection of games already on the disc you can just tell them to shut up as there is enough here to keep anyone happy.'

You're telling me to shut up. This part of your review is arrogant. There is nothing 'ultimate' about a collection that misses many of the great game Megadrive Disney games such as Aladdin, Castle of Illusion, World of Illusion and Quackshot as well as many other non-Disney platform games such as Cool Spot, Gods and Puggsy.