Neocrisis: Latest Famitsu Sales Figures

Neocrisis: Sale Figures for both consoles and games.

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tatotiburon3463d ago

and fanboys called SO4 a flop...LMAO

xbox 360 outselling the wii and the PS3 in japan, just wow

Star Ocean 4 deliver and push console sales. Probably this game will be the best selling jrpg worldwide until FFXIII comes out.

gaffyh3463d ago

I think the Wii hype is dying now, good sales for 360, but this boost will be short-lived most likely. Yakuza 3 and Killzone 2 is coming out next week in Japan.

JokesOnYou3463d ago

360 outselling wii & ps3 for the week...damm I definitely didn't see that coming.

SO4 the highest sales for the week, easily outselling wii fit and some MarioRPG3?.....its only a temporary high but still very impressive Congrats micro, somehow they keep fighting back from the grave in Japan.


PirateThom3463d ago

I'll hope you'll be as excited when next weeks numbers come out.

pumpkinpunker3463d ago

Just shows that there is a hug untapped market in Japan that MS is trying to capitalize on.

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Mikea3463d ago

i wish SO4 would come 2 the ps3

Erratic3463d ago

I agree, it will be the best selling jrpg so far but that should be a given since there're more people who have a 360. Though I wouldn't be surprised if WKC will have a lot better attach rates once it out worldwide.

beast3463d ago

1 week of 9 thousand more console when the BIGGEST JRPG for 360 was released.

Yep... thats impressive.. LMAO

Come on fanboyz, 360 is not japan territory. Stop giving your self pat on the back in denial.

The reviews were average in metacritic and the WW sales will reflect that.


JokesOnYou3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

"Come on fanboyz, 360 is not japan territory"

-and that my friend is exactly WHY its impressive....

360 is like a little kid coming home from school everyday with a black eye from the school bullies, today he stood up for himself & caught one of them off guard with a good old uppercut, tommorrow he'll get his ass beat again, but today even the bully has to smile and just say "hey it was a good punch". -Its Japan so maybe micro has been taking a few Karate lessons...just for self defense, least thats what Mr Miyagi said in the Karate Kid..lmfao.


GrandTheftZamboni3463d ago

"360 is like a little kid coming home from school everyday with a black eye from the school bullies"

What a heartbreaking story. Throw in some puppies. I might start liking poor Microsoft.

JokesOnYou3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

but the puppy is dead, I think his name was Too-human. Poor micro.


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Da One3463d ago

just port it for me, you know for old time sake please lol