Live From Community Vibes IV - Happy B-Day Gamertag Radio

Gamertag Radio made history once again with Community Vibes IV. Many sites from the gaming community was also part of this event:,,, Game Wars & Infinite Bits. Also a big shout out to the main sponsor of the event TRITTON Technologies and the owners of Club Ecco. This year we had the chance to record live from the 4th year anniversary party celebrating GTR's B-Day. The crowd screaming for the free goodies & live performances from Mayday & Garcia.

Could this be the next PAX?

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Lifendz3583d ago

either the PS4 is coming out tomorrow, the PS3 is a failure, there are no games, Killzone 2 didn't reinvent the genre, or you get a skin disease from playing games on PS3.

Sheesh, and people call this place N4PS3?