Killzone 2 on PS3: Plant the Bomb Challenge

Are you getting excited about Killzone 2 exclusive on the Sony PS3 yet? Well if not, then check out this video below that shows the "Plant the Bomb Challenge".

You get to choose your path to plant a bomb in the enemy base and then find the winning code. There are now two winning paths and this interactive video will let you choose one, which codes can then be emailed to [email protected]

The site is offering two prizes, both of these include a 80GB Playstation 3 games system and a copy of the Killzone 2 game. Check out the video below to play the interactive challenge.

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interrergator3578d ago

ill be more excited wen i have it in my hands

jmd7493578d ago

i won in the end.:P
i hope my copy of KZ2 arrives from tomorrow.