113,000 Users in Six Hours Sign Up for Quake Live

GamePlasma writes:

"Id Software's Quake Live, a browser-based first-person shooter, has entered into open beta on the official website. There already seems to be an overwhelming popularity with the game as any gamer who has attempted to play will find out for themselves."

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dxmnecro3556d ago

That is just crazy. No wonder I'm still waiting in line to play.

JsonHenry3555d ago

I thought PC gaming was dead?


dxmnecro3555d ago

Not dead ;) Just less vocal.

DirtyLary3555d ago

log right back off after they realize this is the same old quake they never cared to play anyway.

Gun_Senshi3555d ago

The old Quake 3 Arena Deathmatches play better then nowdays shooters from Halo to CoD to resistance.

PtRoLLFacE3555d ago

damn am still waiting in line lol

cobhatecrew3555d ago

after you install it tells you to close your browser, in which you have to get in line alllll over again...
but after the 3rd time in the line i got to play. so awesome

Gun_Senshi3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

I wanted to play this game during break at work.

I log on site, uncompatable with MAC -.-''

Then I use a PC...wait thru queue of 9k. Install.
Wait again, queue of 11k now..
Start match against Crash...
Boss comes...close everything.

Now i'm trying again XD 7.9k in queue

When i go home in 20 min, I got KILLZONE 2 WAITING FOR ME BITACH!