New StarCraft 2 Artwork

Blizzard has released two new pieces of artwork quietly today.

The first one is a very cool fighting scene between Kerrigan and Zeratul and the he second wallpaper is basically a combination of two previous artworks of Jim Raynor and a picture of what presumably is Char.

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Leord3554d ago

Is there something wrong with me for thinking Kerrigan is hawt? o.O

I wouldn't mind being infested if it was done by her personally =D

Dorjan3554d ago

Jim is hardcore, no armour against acid spitting aliens!

Rock on!

Leord3554d ago

Hehe, in SC1 he had a full CMC armour...

We'll see, he's more "commando" than regular terrans ;)

sh8kes3554d ago

He's Badass, thats what he is!

sh8kes3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Wow, this stuff is amazing!

Leord3554d ago

Looks bloody awesome indeed. It's a nice touch with the Jimmy shot on Char for one...