Quake Live Goes Live

IncGamers reports that the Quake Live beta is now open to the public.

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Dorjan3376d ago

No way? In your browser you say?

Leord3376d ago

I am slightly reserved to this idea...

Perjoss3376d ago

I could be wrong but i think the game itself launches like it used to, the browser is for finding matches etc, can anyone confirm?

TheIneffableBob3375d ago

The game is played inside your web browser, but there is an option to full-screen the game.

Maticus3376d ago

Crikey, look at the queue!

thetamer3376d ago

Already? I thought this would be live tomorrow...

Leord3376d ago

Why would you think that when you have info here? =P

AndyA3376d ago

Yay, been waiting for this for ages.

Leord3376d ago

What's so precious about it?

Evil Rant Monkey3376d ago

Defiantly the advancements that have been made in browser based gaming.

TheIneffableBob3375d ago

And the fact that it's Quake.

somekindofmike3375d ago

Quake's awesome, in some ways I'm more psyched about Quake Live than Killzone2, which I know! I Know! I'm just not normal!

ThatArtGuy3375d ago

I was in closed beta and it's still fun as all get out. I'm highly looking forward to Killzone 2 too.

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syphenlimit3376d ago

Waiting in a queue of some 5000+? They didn't mention anything about that, before...Nope, I can't say I remember seeing anything about this during the announcements.
From what reading I just did, it seems you have to first wait in the queue (numbers up to 30k+ quoted) which wins you the grand prize of an installer! Then back to the queue, to grab the download, then queue some more this time, to grab a "warm-up" game against a bot, before finally returning to again wait to play the game in some fashion of vs. play...I'll wait for it to come out of open beta, to full release.

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The story is too old to be commented.