IncGamers: Metal Slug 7 Review

IncGamers' Paul Govan writes:

"Metal Slug has long been the darling of run 'n gun fans. It was first released in the mid 90s and flew the flag for what had made coin-op arcades great through previous decade. Brash, ambitious graphics combined with frantic action and twitch gameplay created an experience that was easy to get into. Moreover, as players progressed they discovered both a depth of tactics and a rhythm to the action as engaging as any first person shooter or modern adventure game.??"

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AndyA3499d ago

Always thought the DS was the perfect platform for 2D shooters.

Leord3499d ago

Yeah, it's irony how the coolest games back in the day now are the coolest games (well, genre anyway) on the handhelds!

kewlkat0073499d ago

Well it's really the Super Nintendo 2 IMO.

When you play a DS game, you remember what is was to just play a game and enjoy it for what it was, not just graphics...

I guess I'm somewhat old-school, NDS is perfect.

I've played all the Metal Slugs up to 5 I think on the MAME machine. I like 2D side scroller, so will get this one.

Leord3499d ago

Oooh, perhaps a good present for my GF, so I can play it =D

Leord3499d ago

For having a girlfriend, or being able to buy the game? ;)

Maticus3499d ago

Haha, a long-used tactic of males. Keep it secret!

Leord3499d ago

Fortunately, my GF would NEVER come here =)

thetamer3499d ago

Leord? Is that you? Are you buying me a game sweetie? You're so lovely. I've got a present for you.

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Dorjan3499d ago

Metal Slug 9000!!!

Never gets old eh?