Neocrisis: Capcom Hints At New Monster Hunter For PSP

Neocrisis: Famitsu interviewed Keiji Inafune, who is the R&D head at Capcom Japan, this week. He hinted at new Monster Hunter for PSP when they stated that PSP owners are expecting a Monster Hunter title on the PSP. He compairs differences between the PSP and console versions of the games.

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sinncross3578d ago

A PS3 version would be nice as well, but keep the PSP love coming I say!

ThanatosDMC3577d ago

Is it talking about the Unite/2G or a completely different MH for PSP?

I wonder and hope that it's MH3... though i would rather have on console(not wii)...

BlackIceJoe3577d ago

A new Monster Hunter on the PSP would be great news. I like the series just wish more people over in the US did. Because if you tried it you might like it. I hope this is a new MH game that is not a port. I really would like to see a spin-off of the series on the PSP.

Myst3577d ago

An upgrade of an upgrade that was 2G? Perhaps a new one all together different setting and all? I just hope it will be localized to other countries :).

40cal3577d ago

Would love to see this IP make its way to the PS3 also. I think that Monster Hunter would be the perfect game for a PSP to PS3 link. Import/export items, monsters and so on.