PSP World: Rock Band: Unplugged Preview

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of a successful handheld version of Rock Band is the controller. Guitar Hero DS solved this problem by including a peripheral that plugged into the extra GBA slot. The touch-screen was used for strumming with a special pick that also came bundled with the game. The PSP, with no tough screen and limited peripheral attachment options, seems like it could be at a disadvantage here. Harmonix have solved this problem by tweaking the gameplay to rely entirely on the four face buttons.

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sinncross3553d ago

no multiplayer is a big bummer, but the more amplitude esque game play is exciting enough for me!

DemonChild3553d ago

I am excited for this. I did not have any desire to play the DS Guitar Hero. That add-on just seemed annoying and awkward. If this plays anything like DJ Max Fever it should be fun.

Mindboggle3553d ago

Any chance of an alternative link as the site is down..

BRG90003553d ago

To say Harmonix has "solved" the problem seems like giving them a little too much credit. Using the face buttons was the natural worst case scenario solution. I don't see how rock band would be any fun when it's just tapping four buttons in a diamond layout.

xabmol3552d ago

It's more like resorted to using the face buttons.

RoguE3552d ago

Psh it's just fine if you ever played Frequency or Amplitude. I like RB but the truth is this... Freq Amp > RB+GH =P