HD Remix designer attacks Street Fighter IV

OXM UK reports that David Sirlin, one of the chief designs on Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, has slammed Street Fighter IV for not being accessible enough.

Sirlin reels off a list of odd game design choices but also says that despite the hype and press that the game is accessible, Street Fighter IV is anything but, especially in comparison to other games in the genre.

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Fishy Fingers3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"not being accessible enough"

Perhaps to someone completely new to the series, although I even doubt that. Personally as a long time ST veteran I'm finding it all a little to accessible. Picking up the most of the characters I could already pull the majority of their moves/specials/combos. I wouldnt say SF4 is anymore challenging to new comers than any other recent SF game. If anything it has less moves and seems somewhat more sympathetic with your input commands.

die_fiend3551d ago

I'd say it's not very accessible at all. I find it bloody hard completing it on Easy with Ryu. I played Street Fighter II about 15 yaers ago and I can pull off most of the moves but it's still hard. I'm damn sweet at Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive and Soul Caliber but this game is nothing like those. I'm not complaining as I do think it's a damn good game, but if it were accessible, surely someone who's sweet at most fighting games would be able to smash it on easy?

Fishy Fingers3551d ago

Well I guess I can only speak for myslef, but my friends and I rushed through to unlock all the extra characters on easy and I dont think we lost a match, maybe a few rounds. Again though, I've been playing SF for a long time and SF4 came really easy to me.

Practice makes perfect and I've had a lot of practice :)

I'm sure experience in other fighting games will help to an extent, but there are a lot of sneaky little things you can do in SF that you wont have a clue about. Play online, watch what others do, thats a good place to start.

SpoonyRedMage3551d ago

You know when something's accessible it means to new and inexperienced player, not "veterans" because you're obviously going to have experience with it.

Perception13551d ago

lol you can't be serious .This guy is a joker, probably mad he ain't getting no money because he didn't work on SF4, which is selling well.

swinesucker3551d ago

Yeah, he didn't make anything off his game!

The Matrix3550d ago

I have never played a 2d fighter especially not a street fighter game until SFIV. I rented it and kind of liked it. I am 101-200 in ranked matches despite the fact that I don't know how to do the EX moves, the super moves or shoot my flaming projectiles. I would say it is very accessible.

P.S. Sagat ftw

joydestroy3551d ago

i agree with him. i find it difficult. sometimes when i go for a special move or whatever, it doesn't always work. it took no time at all for me to pick up Soul Calibur IV. i will own you with Darth Vader.

i've constantly been playing with Ken and Ryu. i'm getting there, slowly.

Lekumkee3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

In fact I think it's one of the worser Street Fighters. It took me a while to get use the odd hit detection. Also I really hate how some of the characters look(Ryu IMO looks horrible). Hands down the best Street Fighter is Alpha 3. I'd really wish they took the new King of Fighters route and go completely hand drawn.

PotNoodle3551d ago

Street fighter 4 is incredible. Maybe i love it so much because the only time i ever played street fighter games was on the mega drive and never played it properly, just messing around - playing casually with friends.

So street fighter 4 is the only SF game i've decided to take seriously to play properly.

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