Let The Force Be With You: Learning The Balance of Things

It's 2009! A new year, a new start, and most importantly time for new games! Anticipation fills the air as new releases hit the market. With such games as Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: World at War in your back pocket, what more of a Christmas present can you ask for? With the new year starting, fellow gamers can look forward to amazing titles like Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and most importantly Bioshock 2. Everyone around the world is waiting to be in awe at beautifully mastered graphics, amazing story lines and overall a five star rating on game play experience. After all, with this excitement of new releases and trailers to hit the interwebs, you have to sit back and think about one small catch.

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miasma3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

There is a major lack of originality out there in the entertainment field, not just games. But speaking to gaming, we NEED alot more originality. There are too many sequels. Don't get me wrong, I love alot of those games/sequels. The truth is, without creators taking old ideas and creating new games or just making sequels there wouldn't be much out there to play. It is very difficult in todays age to come up with truly original ideas, but there are teams out there doing it (team ICO anyone?). Then if it isn't truly original, then it comes down to how the game is executed.

Even if there is an original idea someone has, with so many levels of corporate and other crap in the industry, it can still be nearly impossible to get a great game made. i find many companies just want to play it "safe" and keep re-hashing old material, just shine it up and send it back out type of development. Again, not always a bad thing, especially if it is a great franchise. A great story though, always sticks in the mind of the gamer long after the game is finished. Some of the games today are getting too focused on the technical end/ graphical side that more time and money obviously go there, and not as much to the story writers. Or, possibly the story is watered down through the design process. I don't usually hold onto games when I finish them, but the few I have are the ones with a great story behind it.

It is a great time to be a gamer, but as gamers, we need to let the industry know, we want more quality in our games beyond the graphics if they want us to continue to pay $60+ for their software.

-GametimeUK-3550d ago

Flower is original... Sure its a PSN game but OMG its the best experience I have had on my PS3 thus far... Seriously its stupidly original and artistic... I suggest you play it... I seriously could not believe what I was playing I was blown away by the stupidly creative concept and gameplay...

I want to see a full game based on visual art... Shame it wouldnt sell well enough for devs to ever consider putting one into production

Foxgod3550d ago

I wonder if they can get bioshock 2 to runn well on the ps3 this time around, or will it again be a watered down version of the 360 ?

-GametimeUK-3550d ago

How is he trying too hard? Theres nothing to try for when its blatantly the truth.

Monkey5213550d ago

That comment is kind of unnecessary and does not pertain to the article. Please don't start flaming this article.

Gun_Senshi3550d ago

actually bioshock on ps3 is better then x360, but still both suck compared to PC

Foxgod3550d ago

I am being curious, i expect the ps3 platform to be the lead platform this time.
And i wonder if that will make the Uengine run smooth on the ps3.

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Gun_Senshi3550d ago

Bioshock is NOT Original.

Yes Bioshock is a great game, but its not orignal. Its exactly like System Shock 2. It shares many elements to System Shock 2. We cannot call it a rip off, because the same developer made both Bioshock and System Shock. In fact the director himselfs calls Bioshock a Spiritual Successor to System Shock 2.

Bioshock not only plays similar to system shock, but some twists are very similar to System Shock 2. I will not say where due to spoilers of both great games.

While I would love Bioshock 2, I prefer a System Shock 3. I want to see SHODAN again. Best Computer villian ever created! SHODAN Hates human race and calls us pests and insects and wants to destroy them, his/her/it (She manifests herself as female face) plan was to destroy the cities on earth and proclaim herself as god. Also the voice of SHODAN going example "Look at you pile of flesh and bones, running in my corridors, what hope you have to kill an immortal god" in creepy distorted voice beats Bioshock's Ryan and Atlas.

I am not saying Bioshock is a bad game, its a great game, but its not original. The developer himself calls it Spiritual successor to System Shock 2. I personally would prefer System Shock 3 then Bioshock 2, but I take any, espically over nowdays mindless shooters and games with no story at all.