Lost Planet 2 Confirmed for Xbox 360

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that Lost Planet 2 is being developed for the Xbox360, following an exclusive announcement on XboxLIVE! that happened Monday, February 23. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, the landmark third-person shooter that debuted on Xbox360, went on to sell over 2.2 million units worldwide after its release. This next riveting instalment will offer deeper insight into the world of E.D.N III and the uncertain fate of future mankind.


Includes ALL of today's newly released artwork.

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hardmetal3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Are we talking about "timed exclusive" here ?

Cajun Chicken3527d ago

Possibly, the last one was. I don't see Capcom willing to lose out on twice as much money.

na2ru13527d ago

on shoddy ports. No thanks

LoVeRSaMa3527d ago


I really wanted to play this insted of Killzone 2.

I mean Lost Planet 1 was such a big hit, bah!


Xulap3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Yeah, I'm confident that it'll come to the PlayStation 3 as well.

Capcom said 2009 is the year of the multi-platform, and they'll focuse on releasing their games on multiple platforms.

anh_duong3527d ago

"Lost Planet 2 Confirmed as Xbox360 Exclusive" =/= "Whether or not any further formats will follow (as both the PC and PLAYSTATION3 versions of the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition did) remains to be seen. But for now, this one is chalked up for the Xbox360 crowd."

how can a journalist contradict himself so blatantly? exclusivity was never confirmed.

having said this i may get the game for xbox if it has offline splitcreen co-op else i will get it for the ps3 (online co-op) since my xbox live account will expire before this game materialises..

SuperM3527d ago

So many retarded journo's out there. Its not confirmed exclusive and at best it will be a timed exclusive. Do you really think MS would cash out so much money that they would make it a full exclusives when the first game was mediocre? I mean you never know when it comes to MS, but i seriously doubt it. I think MS wanted the game to be announced for 360 first because they have so much presure on them now since Sony has so many games coming.

SaiyanFury3527d ago

I bought Lost Planet on PS3 but I didn't like the game. Whether it was better on 360 I can't say. All I know is I didn't like it at all. It was the only Capcom game I had on my PS3 and it wasn't what I liked in a game. The sequel announced as a 360 exclusive? Doesn't matter to me as I didn't care for the original. Sure, people will disagree with me but that won't change the negative experience I had with it.

SL1M DADDY3527d ago

I will rent the second but as for purchasing it... No way. It's definitely not Capcoms best work.

Project-X3527d ago

Lost Planet 1 ≠ Lost Planet 2
As Killzone 1 ≠ Killzone 2

And 2 million is a big hit for new IP

callahan093527d ago

"the landmark third-person shooter that debuted on Xbox360"

What exactly was landmark about it? Not only did it not revolutionize anything or "define" the genre in any way, it harkened back to an older time of gaming and anti-revolutionized in a lot of ways (in my opinion). It was a throw-back game with a 80's-90's era time limit imposed on each level, where you have to get thermal energy in order to stay "hot" and it's constantly running down, and it's game over when it runs out. Yeah, it's a time limit with little time bonuses scattered about, like Vectorman, or any number of older action games.

And I absolutely hated the original game. The story was kind of interesting, the gameplay was annoying for me and the environments were boring as hell, and I didn't like the online gameplay either. Won't be buying this game, no matter what platform it shows up on.

herbaldoctor73527d ago

lost planet wasnt that good. who cares, i have ps3 xbox360 and powerful pc. i will not be buying the new lost planet. it seens the japenese cant make good games anymore...maybe if they change controls it could be better. graghics were good also but thats it.

thenickel3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Well Lost Planet part one was much better than KZ1 and Shellshock nam so whats your point? As a matter a fact I don't see any of you hypocrites bringing up how terrible KZ1 was. This game sold 2.2 million on 360 alone which is pretty impressive and capcom knows this. Also the game is obviously being made for 360 in such a short time to take advantage of the it's hardware, and for these kind of results on PS3 it would probably take much longer to develop on.

boodybandit3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

From 1.9 Project-X
1.9 - @LoVeRSaMa
Lost Planet 1 ≠ Lost Planet 2
As Killzone 1 ≠ Killzone 2

And 2 million is a big hit for new IP

***************************** ******************

I guess it depends on what side of the fence you are on. Personally I own both consoles and I don't favor one over the other but sometimes the hypocrisy I witness on this site just makes me roll my eyes. (LPB any one?)

Back on topic.
I honestly cant see MS going out of their way to secure Lost Planet 2 as an exclusive or Capcom giving up dollars the way by not making this game multiplatform the global economy is right now. Lost Planet was a decent game at best. When I finished I thought to myself I definitely would not purchase a sequel. In the end the game became more of a chore than an adventure. The story was good but the gameplay was just meh. There are far better shooters out there.

MS needs exclusives (unless they get it really cheap) but Lost Planet 2 is one of them.

Silellak3527d ago

It will probably come to the PS3, but it would not make "twice as much money" if they released a PS3 port.

Every additional port costs that much more in resources (both time and money), which cuts into your profit. Not only that, but most multiplatform games in general do not sell nearly as well on the PS3 as the 360. Releasing a game for the PS3 is not a way to magically ensure you make twice as much money.

boodybandit3527d ago

I am blaming it on posting without having my first cup of morning java. ;)

MS needs exclusives (unless they get it really cheap) but Lost Planet 2 is "NOT" one of them.

N4g_null3527d ago

WOW have you guys seen the video?

There you go.... I mean really I did not like the first one at all but this one is a huge improvement graphics wise and game play wise. I'm not sure if that's co=op but if it is not that AI is really good. The map layouts are crazy good also. Every thing is getting shot to hell and still looks good.

It reminds me of when I saw some of the first PS3 games they looked good but nothing moved hardly. Killzone 2 seems to fix this but lost planet 2 shows how far behind they are. Yes I know it's not a FPS but hell This sequel is the first time a game went from ok i'll past to I have to get a system for that game.

It's weird because it reminds me of the mechs from the last FF on the SNES, hell they even have the snow in there. Then the contrast to the jungle was sweet...

Where do I preorder damn it!

king dong3527d ago

yes the game looks incredible. and by the looks of it, that was 4-player co-op. i'm really looking forward to this game. the first was ok from a campaign perspective, but the on-line was awesome...and i thought it was graphically superior to gears back then.

people above and below. i'm sorry, but if this a ps3 exclusive, this thread with be filled with showering praise on the game and it's amazing graphics, and saying things like "it's ps3 exclusive because the 360 cant run it"!

after all the nonsense thats been spouted about the 360 being maxed, because gears is the supposedly the best looking game on the system. you've all been made to like the idiots you all are because capcoms game engine for this, has totally crushed the unreal engine, and lost planet 2 slaughters gears 2 in the graphics department. apart from the over-the-top massive explosions.

so far this gen, imo, this sits in the no2 spot for graphics behind killzone2. although killzones engine is superb, capcoms engine is something to behold also.

3527d ago
umair_s513527d ago

I don't care, just another game for me.

Argento-Nox3526d ago


Capcom also knows selling multi-platform titles would sell more. Have you not seen SF4 numbers in favor of PS3? Seeing as Lost planet 1 went to the PS3, why would Capcom consider having a 360 exclusive for part 2?

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PumPum3527d ago

Missleading title much?

ExXxilE3527d ago

It says that Lost Planet 2 is going to be on the xbox 360. It is all the PS3 fanboys that take it as "Lost Planet confirmed a 360 exclusive". I hope that it is a timed exclusive so that I can play with all my friends, 360 and PS3. This game is going to be a good game.

Monkey5213527d ago

The title is very misleading since no exclusivity was ever claimed. What's even more funny is that this guy made such a genius conclusion that the game is coming to the xbox 360 after it was announced on the XBOX LIVE MARKETPLACE. It takes some serious brain power to think that it'll come to the 360.

N4g_null3527d ago

Seriously I'm not over paying for this game. I'd rather get it on the xbox 360 than get a free blu-ray player LOL with a game system. I will get me a large disk 360 and live and have my self a ball.

If it gets ported then good for you! There has been no news about your system yet, don't get mad because xbox owners are happy. Seriously no one cares about multi-platform gaming. The PS3 fanboys even look down on it. If it's multi-platform then it's not going to be good or worthy of killzone 2 status.

If I where Capcom I would let you guys wonder till you get tired of killzone 2 and then tell you more about lost planet 2. I think they are trying to avoid the internet fanboys on the PS3. If you are wondering why just look at how FF13 was treated when it went multi-console.

Kushan3527d ago

The title of this is extremely misleading. Nothing is confirmed, all Capcom said was that it was being developed for the Xbox360, they did NOT say it was EXCLUSIVE to the console and they did not say that it WASN'T being developed for the PS3 or PC. Capcom these days are very multi-platform orientated, so I wouldn't say this is confirmed at all.

solidjun53527d ago

All it says is that it has been announced for the 360 when the trailer debuted on Monday. It doesn't confirm it's a 360 exclusive. Who write these sensationalists titles?

Kushan3527d ago

Well in the space of about 5mins, it got 20 comments. It's got at least twice-three times that number of hits. And that's exactly what the author intended.

beavis4play3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

from what i've seen of the game, it was hardly a "landmark" third-person shooter. gears1 ? yea, that was a landmark third-person shooter. UC? yea, that was a landmark third-person action (with shooting) game.
lost planet was just another "so-so" capcom game. next in line will be RE5. which i'm equally uninterested in. when RE gets back to its survival horror roots, i'll be interested again. (i'll buy #5 it when it hits the 19.99 bin)

SuperM3527d ago

ye its so retarded that journalists can write exactly the same news that we already know and get tons of hit by making a misleading title.

Its like if EA says they will make more games for the 360, and then the headline says EA confirmed to make several 360 exclusives.

otherZinc3527d ago

if they had intentions of supporting the PS3 & their lackluster sales of the first installment, they would've said so.

Also, to a poster above, implying Lost Planet 2 will be enjoyed less than Killzone 2 is ridiculous to me. Lost Planet 2 will outsell Killzone 2.

Also, at least Lost Planet 2 will have 4 player co-op, its what the people want & Killzone 2 is behind the times. Killzone 2 isn't having co-op because it wouldn't allow them to make the game graphically impressive as they are attempting to do today. Yes, I'm not seeing the graphical leap others are seeing in that demo.

The truth will be told on the 27th.

jetlian3527d ago

i don't think lp2 will out sell kz2!! i do think it will be a better game though!!! KZ2 has horrible controls and lacks to many basic shooter concepts to be considered good.

However its getting to much credit which will bring sells.

N4g_null3527d ago

Man the people not liking LP2 really have not seen the new video. Seriously it's like crysis in 3rd person good. It's on youtube. I mean gaming is more about playing games than fanboy fights isn't it?

Hell I hated the last one too... It looked boring as hell and the game play was like doing a level walk through. The PS3's port lack of texture resolution really did not help this game at all in my eyes, So I'm surprised I even want this game my self, but really a good game is a good game no matter what it was in the past.

I mean from monster hunter on the Wii to this on the 360 and maybe the PS3 they seriously are putting up a good show. E3 is going to be bananas!

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BX813527d ago

I saw on the last post a lot of PS3 fans not liking this game. Do you think it is really worth it for the PS3 to have this game? I don't think they should do a timed exclusive. If they are going to make it for the PS3 as well then they should put in the same amount of work as the 360 version

beavis4play3527d ago

i can't speak for every ps3 owner, but; i didn't buy the first LP. didn't like what i saw of the game.(looks, style, gameplay)
i have no intention of buying the second LP. so, maybe the game would be better off if they just focused on one (360) console.

mastiffchild3527d ago

Well, when I had a 360(getting another to fix up tomorrow which shouldn't be a problem as it's be the heat sink, or the shoddy nature of it that's the problem and I know how to deal with that so back to all three I reckon!)I played the, imo, underwhelming first game on that which was supposedly the better version. I say supposedly because out of the twenty or so real world mates that have a PS3 not one got the game for that so I never saw it!
If Capcom want PS3 owners to buy their games(which after they came out in huge droves for(the equally underwhelming)SF4 you'd imagine they would)you'd think they'd understand a bit more about them. PS3 owners don't enjoy having to wait for games and if they aren't amazing(a la Bioshock) they will always have very low sales among the PS3 only gamers. There are loads of games out there right now(esp PS3 exclusives coming soon) and maybe Capcom based their opinion on the first games sales but by making it a timed 360 exclusive(as now looks most likely)they've ensured it'll not be worth putting on the PS3.
Maybe they think it'll sell better on 360 anyway but I'd argue that just as many 360 owners would buy it exclusive(timed or otherwise), multiplat or whatever and all they're doing is making certain that if it does go to PS3 it's going to flop badly. It desperately needs tro be a simultaneous release if they want to push decent numbers to Sony gamers, imo, and a timed exclusive wont achieve this.
Unless, as I said, the game turns out amazing-but after the first one that's a hell of a step and after, again just my opinion, SF4 wasn't as good as SF2HDTR and RE5 fails to live up to RE4(not controls for me but the forced npc co-op in the SP)they aren't on that kind of form. A slide which began with the huge con that was DMC4 and it's play the game twice mechanic.

N4g_null3527d ago

@mastiffchild Actually that makes sense.

Bio shock did it. If the game is really good and PS3 owner want it then they can port it. If only xbox 360 gamers end up liking it then there is no need to waste money. Double the sales is nice but the simple fact that a PS3 version was not announced yet is a little telling, but I think the news broke from a MS sponsored source.

Either way they fixed what I wanted them to fix, I'm happy no need to fight but if you must fight please do it in COD or some thing this is getting lame. Where are the real fans at?

Argento-Nox3526d ago

Capcom could just produce Lost Planets 2 with PS3 as the lead to eliminate the porting issue. This could be the case now, seeing as the platforms it's releasing on are not known at this time.

N4g_null3526d ago

The lead title thing is sort of bad. It's like saying we made a game with out using all the ram the 360 has. It's polite way of saying yeah we dumb it down so it would work on the PS3.

I would really like to see LP2 run like that video on the PS3... I know it could be done. Why because these two machine are pretty much equal expect one has great FPU number that are blown away by the GPU that actually power them and one has a whole extra CPU that is doing nothing but xbox live.

While both are trying to make HD games, luckly one has great AA filtering.

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Arsenal4Ever3527d ago

Oh well - Capcom keep doing your thing, and i'll keep doing mine.

1st Party > > > > > 3rd Party. Yes I am a little jealous of LP2 but the 1st party games on my system make that a moot point :)

DelbertGrady3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

It's a shame. You are missing out on games like

COD 4, 5 & MW 2
Dead Space
Fallout 3
Brutal Legend
Bioshock 2
Bionic Commando
Burnout Paradise
Assassin's Creed 2
Street Fighter IV
Soul Calibur IV
Dirt 2
Dead Rising 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Beyond Good & Evil 2
The Witcher: RotWW
Alpha Protocol
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Skate 2
I am alive
Godfather II
Fight Night Round 4
UFC: Undisputed
new Rainbow Six game
Operation Flashpoint 2
F.E.A.R 2
Just Cause 2
Mafia II
Overlord II
Prey 2
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Tekken 6
Tom Clancy's HAWX
Wanted: Weapons of Fate
and many more.

Must feel great...

Chris3993527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Of that list Soda, I personally am only interested in: Bioshock 2, Dragon Age and Dead Space.

The rest I probably won't ever see the inside of my consoles. I prefer something catered entirely to a system's strengths. For my 360, PS3 or Wii I generally only buy exclusives. At this point it's relatively clear that there is a distinctive difference between 1st/ 2nd party exclusives and 3rd party multi-platform software. Again we're not talking about platform vs. platform, just software vs. software.

Prince of Persia, Silent Hill 5, Conan, Viking, Madden, Golden Axe (how could they F up such a classic license is beyond me) and the list of mediocre 3rd party software marches on and on. The quality just isn't there and I just can't justify spending $70 a pop on potentially good software in the light of Gears 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2 amd Super Mario Galaxy.

I'm one gamer, this is just my personal opinion and I realize that I don't represent the entire demographic, however, I am sure that I am not alone in my beliefs.

1st/ 2nd party > 3rd party (True in almost all cases, Too Human, Haze and Wii shovelware exclusives aside.)

ActionBastard3527d ago

I hate when people list games they haven't seen a shred of info on, like it's actually some type of leverage in a debate. Just sharing.

DelbertGrady3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

"I hate when people list games they haven't seen a shred of info on, like it's actually some type of leverage in a debate."

Kinda like the fanboys in here who say Lost Planet 2 is going to be sh!te even though it's nowhere near finished and all we know of it comes from a short and fast-paced trailer?

If you know the studio who are making it have made great games before, there's reason to be excited about it. Kinda like how most gamers don't doubt that SCE Santa Monica will deliver with God of War 3, or Infinity Ward will deliver with COD WW2.

Why narrow yourself down to 1st party only, instead of playing both 1st and 3rd party? It's just stupid.

STONEY43527d ago

"If you know the studio who are making it have made great games before, there's reason to be excited about it."

Not really. Ion Storm with Deus Ex. The first one was amazing, but Deus Ex: Invisible War... well not that great. Black Box with Need for Speed. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 was in my opinion, the best in the series, but after that, each game they made went more and more downhill.

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