Pokemon Platinum - US trailer

Nintendo published a new trailer from Pokemon Platinum.

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Supercalifragili3551d ago

More of the same. Why don´t they make a totally new Pokemon game?

Mandaspt3551d ago

The game sells a lot. I don´t think they'll change the winning formula.

CAPS LOCK3551d ago

I havent played any pokemon games since blue red and gold and silver. I did see someone playing the newer ones but they did not interest me....

itani3551d ago

Why do people still buy the same game but with a different name?

PS360WII3551d ago

Because they want more of it. Final Fantasy, Mario, Killzone, Halo, God of War, Gears of War, Ninja Gaiden, Call of Duty, Grand Turismo, and all the rest.

-GametimeUK-3551d ago

Pokemon games are amazing titles... No denying it... But seriously the devs are sooooooo lazy that the games dont deserve my monies... Give us a fully 3D epic Pokemon game on a main console...

wAtdaFck3551d ago

if they could remake red, blue, and yellow in 3D, current-generation, that would indeed be epic. given the online community, seeing a world like PS HOME? online battles? niiice

-GametimeUK-3551d ago


The potential for the franchise is totally amazing... But hey they are printing money with every half assed game they pump out...

Marceles3551d ago

Yeah I seriously dont know why they wont just make one for the Wii. Motion controls...throwing pokeballs...pushing a button to make the Pokemon return, another one to open a new ball and throw it. Pokemon fans would love something thats a little new without messing up the classic gameplay

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