Killzone 2 Multiplayer Servers Now Live

The servers are up! For those of you lucky enough to have a copy of the game already…bring on the pain!

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Microsoft Xbox 3603555d ago

Getting my early copy tomorrow. Can't wait!!!! Multiplayer here I come.

LoVeRSaMa3555d ago

Damn You!

Though id be singing a different tune if my copy came today ^_^

SRU96003555d ago

Hopefully we will start seeing some (high quality) videos popping up soon.

Apone3555d ago

pickin' it up in a few minutes :)

sack_boi3555d ago

I've been playing the game since the 24th (I live in Europe). The game is really, really good. I had zero expectations for the game and I usually don't like shooters.
The single player is epic, the enemies act like humans(!)
Simply put, if you like shooters you'll love Killzone 2. And if you don't (like me before Killzone 2) you still need to get this game, everything is top notch; gameplay, story, GRAPHICS...

Next stop : Uncharted 1&2, Heavy Rain, God Of War 3 and GT5!!

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Timberland2K93555d ago

You Gosh Darn Europeans and you Back of the target wallmart bestbuy gamestop,crazy, and all you other gamestore ease droppers on killzone 2 hiding it from us people waiting in agoney

BladeSpain3555d ago

Error for the press kit -954 ... fu**!!!!!

Gobuz3555d ago

Getting my copy tomorrow, i have to say the PSN Killzone 2 stats page for members look sick, i can't wait to get badges on there and get a clan started.

Woot! Tomorrow! See you online!

Tryst3555d ago

is this stats page accessed on PSN, or website?

Mr_Zkaar3555d ago

You put your psn details into and it tracks all your KZ2 game stats its pretty cool.

Zizo_ha3555d ago

YAAAAAAy i can play now i have my copy since 10 days

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The story is too old to be commented.