Have a Taste of Pirated Windows 7

Although it has been just over a month since Windows 7 Build 7000 made it out the door, and only a couple of weeks since the downloads were discontinued, Microsoft is ready to talk pirated Windows 7. Of course that generally, the Redmond company turns to a more politically correct terminology when dealing with the piracy phenomenon affecting its software products. In this context, much in the same manner as Windows Vista, Windows 7 users may also be victims of software counterfeiting, or running non-genuine Windows copies. At this point in time, pirated Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7 operating systems will deliver the same user experience complete with the desktop background going black and with nagging notifications to go "genuine."

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GiantEnemyFlop3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

yuck, it taste like a dead monkey turd, but the pirated one taste good actuly

HadeShade3578d ago

Ive been running pirated version of vista ultimate for a long time now. Ever since SP1 came out. From what I hear of windows 7 I'll be using it when it releases. Theres no way in hell im paying for it though. Never gonna pay for windows. Pirates always find a way. There are always ways to get around genuine advantage haha.

miasma3578d ago

make sure you advertise now.

Samer3053578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

In a weird way your right. I personally would not pay more then $60 for software. Just like a game. Software is always overpriced.

FantasyStar3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Software engineers deserve to be paid. Most people have no idea just how much work that goes into software development. The numbers of code that are being constantly rewritten is borderline priceless. It's that I pay at most $200 for such things. If you think Vista is expensive: don't even touch Adobe Creative Suite!

That said, I follow the same rules as VG's. If your product sucks: I won't buy it new.

TheIneffableBob3578d ago

The Adobe stuff is expensive because it's used to make money.

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CRAIG6673578d ago

You will never pay for a microsoft product but you are willing to admit that will use a pirated version of windows,why do people feel they have the rite to steal other peoples property just because its software!?
go get some freeware OS,piracy just ruins everyone's experience,from pricing to measures such as SecuROM.cheers mate.

DNAgent3578d ago

Microsoft steals other people's property so why shouldn't you pirate it? (Aside from you not wanting a buggy POS OS). I don't care about Windows regardless. They could give it to me for free and I still wouldn't put that garbage on my computer.

Darkseider3578d ago

Run Linux, use WINE, Cedega or Crossover to run your necessary Windows apps if you have any and never worry about licensing again. There fixed.

1ikedamaster3578d ago

You want the better service, pay for it. Same with xbox live and PSN. Fact!

Erdrick3578d ago

Using pirated software is not stealing, its called "copyright infringement." And the mentality is this: if I pay for something (buy it) shouldn't I be allowed to modify it to my own needs? Pirates are fighting back for the rights we demand - imagine buying a car and not being allowed to swap out the engine or give it a new paint job. Open source software for life! I'm not saying it should be free, but it should come with the similar ideologies of anything else we pay money to "own."