Nintendo unveils new DSi colors

The Japanese DSi family is growing. Nintendo announced today three new additions to the current lineup. Starting March 20, buyers will be able to chose from Pink, Lime Green, and Metallic Blue color variations.

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princejb1343552d ago

the metallic blue, already experienced the metallic blue on the psp it was gorgeous, the pink looks like a pepto bismol, and the lime green is just eww

fishyjoes3552d ago

They seem nice and all but im' goign to keep it simple and go with black. put my 25 dollars down for one for my first DS :D too bad i have to wait till april to get it

SpoonyRedMage3552d ago

It won't be my first DS but the plastic around the hinge on my DS phat snaps today so the top screen isn't fixed on, time to find some superglue to hold me over till April.

I ordered the black as well.