Gamingvice Reviews: Street Fighter IV: A New Warrior Has Entered the Ring!

"Street Fighter IV continues the franchise by bringing back the fan favorite characters and the basic 2D fighting feel from previous games. Will it carry on the legacy of Street Fighter or disappoint?

Thumbs up: Solid controls, diverse cast of characters, solid online play, many unlockables, difficulty options

Thumbs down: Unlocking characters, PS3 load times without installation, 2-player online lobbies.

Eh…: Animated cutscenes, graphics, music.

Street Fighter IV has 3D characters on a 2D plane. The characters look like clay figures at first, but the art will grow on you after playing it consistently.

The opening theme may not be suited for the American crowd because it is Japanese pop and it does sound a little flamboyant. The background music sounds generic but it blends in with the game's "back-to-basics" feel.

The 2D animated cutscenes are an unnecessary addition to the game. The main attraction of the game is to spar with people, not a random storyline. The quality of the animation is sub par to modern cartoons.

The controls of the game are solid. The game's input direction is lenient. Special moves, supers, and ultras can be executed at will with the PS3 directional pad or the Xbox 360 analog stick as long as the player performs the right motion. It's highly recommended to get an arcade stick to play this game for a better experience because it allows faster command inputs."

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KobeBryant3550d ago

I totally feel you with this review. The game is a great fighting game, when it comes down to it, I don't care about story or cutscenes, I just want all my characters and the ability to duke it out with others.