Microsoft reveals details of Gazelle browser

Bigger and better than Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, says Microsoft.

Microsoft researchers are working on a new browser called Gazelle which it promises will have some impressive new features and capabilities.

The firm released a research paper (PDF) late last week, saying that the new browser would offer significant security improvements compared to other browsers, including Internet Explorer.

"No existing browsers, including new architectures like Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome and OP, have a multi-principal operating system construction that gives a browser-based operating system the exclusive control to manage the protection of all system resources among web site principals," Microsoft said in the report.

The browser will change this tradition by being built on its own kernel, in effect allowing it to operate as an operating system. This means that Gazelle could intelligently identify traffic, and react to anything malicious.

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Rock Bottom3498d ago

I bet this will rape my ram...

But who knows? in hope for a superior, faster and more secure browser.

3498d ago
Elven63498d ago

Interesting indeed, this dosen't sound like a update to Internet Explorer? If that is the case then it sucks and probably won't be very widely accepted by many people becuase of the brand.

Or maybe they are developing another browser to bundle into Windows in Europe? :p

vhero3498d ago

anybody remember MSN browser?? you can still download it now MS other attempt at a browser.. Don't get your hopes up with this..

Nonsense 4 Gamers3498d ago

Yeah, that's not a rip-off of Apple's Leopard and Safari

*Rolls Eyes*

Nonsense 4 Gamers3498d ago

I'm perfectly fine with Safari browser on Windows XP OS. Automatic Spell-Check FTW

xwabbit3498d ago

M$ makes a lot of promises :/

Ratchet_Co3498d ago

Gazelle is an interesting name. It could mean fast like a gazellle (faster browsing). But then it could also mean weak and defenseless lol (weak security).

Bubble Buddy3498d ago

Firefox is going to eat the Gazelle.

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andyo133498d ago

they keep getting beaten by cheatahs. also this is going to be internet explorer 6 in disguise

Lord Anubis3498d ago

maybe they want to feed the fox?

Jerk1203498d ago

The fox is too old to eat Gazelles. The only thing the fox is capable of eating are Rabbits.

darkequitus3498d ago

A cheetah kill/failure rate is quite low

uie4rhig3498d ago

coz they wanted a cool name like firefox, chrome, safari and opera rather than the failing and tooo simple name 'internet explorer'.. yet they didn't succeed!!

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mirroredderorrim3498d ago

Does Google not already have something like this in the works?

Not the best example, but I am medicated;

uie4rhig3498d ago

it's not as this says.. plus it's already been released:

jkoz3498d ago

Eh. I just got Safari 4 and I'm happy.

paul-p19883498d ago

still never gonna beat firefox, and i bet a HUGE hole gets found in it within a couple of days of release. It is M$ after all, they cant be releasing a piece of software that doesnt have a gaping whole somewhere...

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