Burnout Paradise - The Solution To Need For Speed Fans' Problems

AutoGaming writes: "If you have been one of those hard code Need For Speed fans, and I mean from back in the days of NFS1 and NFS2 Special Edition, you would have realized that EA has taken the game into a totally different direction. Before the announcement of the recent 3 new NFS titles, the last few (including Undercover) were mostly a major flop. Also, after seeing some of the screens from the titles, and reading the concept behind these 3 new racers, some are still saying that EA really could never (or just don't know how to) return to their roots."

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Omegasyde3580d ago

I like Need for Speed Hot pursuit. Game was great for its time, yet Undercover sucked.... I thought the COP A.i. was horrible in comparison to a 5 year old PS2 game

Speed-Racer3580d ago

I agree. I think they tried too hard at making undercover like the older titles, that they forgot to put some brains into the game as well.

XboxOZ3603580d ago

The old need for fans are going to be disappointed with the next console iteration, because they are going for the simulation crowd...

If they want their arcade hit they are going to have to go to the Wii (NFS: Nitro) or the PC (NFS: World Online).