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Submitted by D R Fz 3260d ago | news

1up: "Sony Showed Us Killzone"

1up reports:

"Explaining that this was a work-in-progress and it wouldn't be a part of his GDC Keynote the following morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Phil Harrison wanted a way to point at the power that the PlayStation 3 could unlock. At the conclusion of a presentation that unveiled 'Home' and the irrefutably smart LittleBigPlanet, Sony showed 1Up Killzone.

It wasn't called 'Killzone 2,' it was just called 'Killzone' and the video footage appeared to be artifacted somehow. It wasn't the clear, crisp HD footage Harrison's presentation had been populated with -- it was almost like an afterthought. It didn't look as good as the fake-footage seen at E3 2005, but it didn't look bad, either. It was just a half-hearted show of particle effects, bullets ripping through warehouses, tearing apart kitchens and showcasing the rag doll physics in the Killzone engine. If the footage ever surfaces, it'll likely be treated as an 'engine' demonstration, but the first-person perspective, gunplay and action clearly show gameplay in some state." (Industry, Killzone 2, PS3)

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MoonDust  +   3260d ago
Does the link work?
Loads then dead.
Edit: fixed. Nothing to talk about...
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Annihilator  +   3260d ago
1up YOU SUCK !!!!
ThunderSpark  +   3259d ago
No, this game sucks
I'd rather play Graw 2
Annihilator  +   3259d ago
Sony DIDN'T show 1up Killzone !
They showed PlayStation Edge, a new advanced graphics tool that's meant to simplify PS3 development. The package comes complete with RSX performance analyzer and GCMReplay.
1up sees a couple of Helghast soldiers in there and goes WE HAVE SEEN KILLZONE AND IT DOESN'T LOOK CG !! and that is PATHETIC !
ThunderSpark  +   3259d ago
It doesn't matter what they showed
The point of the matter is they didn't show want consumers wanted. Period. If you hype up a game, follow up on it and make sure it lives up to the hype or you will get flamed. Period.
Sevir04  +   3260d ago
this was taken from ign
GDC 07: Killzone Debuts in July
Worldwide Studio head, Phil Harrison confirms major E3 appearance.
by Jeremy Dunham

March 7, 2007 - As a "special thanks" for the media that attended his pre-GDC conference last night, Sony Computer Entertainment's President of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison unveiled the first in-game footage of Killzone ever seen. However, we did see it with a few caveats.

"Please remember that we're showing you this footage as an example of our technology," stated Harrison before running the b-roll. "Keep that in mind when looking at it and don't think of it as looking at the game directly."

The technology that Phil was referring to is "PlayStation Edge," a new advanced graphics tool that's meant to simplify PS3 development. The package comes complete with RSX performance analyzer and GCMReplay.

Following his brief statements, the footage played on multiple HD screens and showed off both ISA and Helghast soldiers blasting the bejesus of each other. The best way to describe how the aftermath looked is that it's "BLACK" for the next generation. There was a high level of destructibility as the bullets flew, and some seemingly-purposeful moments of slowdown (as in bullet-time, not a technical hitch).

As the footage came to a close, the word "E3" flashed on the screen followed by Harrison's confirmation that July is when we'd see the game next.
BIadestarX  +   3259d ago
As usual people never get what they were specting. Sony shows people CGI and people go "WOW"! then once everyone is excited they show game play and people go "Nothing I've never seem before". Motorstorm and now this. I remember back at E3 Sony fan actually though that the motorstorm cgi shown was actual gameplay.
Dlacy13g  +   3259d ago
I understand this was not actual gameplay...and its more in line with a tech demo. That said...1up certainly was not impressed by what they saw with this tech demo. And before you say well it was a tech demo so you can't judge it....think back to E3 and the tech demo of Unreal Tournament w/ the Unreal Engine. EVERYONE was "oohhhhing" and "awwwwing" over that.

Sure there is time enough to improve but you have to be a little disappointed at the feed back.
calderra  +   3259d ago
The Unreal Engine 3 tech demo (non-tournament) became Gears of War, and the game looks as good if not better in some aspects. Realization of tech demos can happen.
God of Gaming  +   3259d ago
But his point is that the UE3 tech demo WOWED US... this Tech Demo doesnt seem to be wowing anyone. Thats his point...
calderra  +   3259d ago
"Killzone 2 already looks better than its e3 05 presentation."
-Phil Harrison

We're only going to hold him to his own word.
Interesting how he has to note all this jazz about how this is just an example and not to think too harshly of it- he sounded pretty positive it was going to flat-out blow us away several montha ago.

What happened, Phil?
techie  +   3259d ago
Gamespot seem to be impressed...and they are 360 bias...
ThunderSpark  +   3259d ago
deep brown, go home
seriously deepbrown, what makes you think that "seemed to be impressed" cuts it anymore? If they don't start proving what they hyped, then whats the point of being a PS3 fanboy?
Gamer13  +   3259d ago
Its looking bad for sony.
They need to improve there games alot, MS at this moment is walking all over sony.

Hope when i get my ps3 this fall it will have alot games that are worth the money.

IM OUT...///"""
D R Fz  +   3259d ago
But Guys remember the Halo 3 Alpha Build?
What was the whole debacle about that incident? Didn't you come to an agreement that it was not the final game that was being showcased? If so, why shouldn't the same thought be applied to this situation? My point here is that in the same way the alpha build doesn't prove to be a viable account of the completed Halo 3 game, is the same way we can give Phil the benefit of the doubt that Killzone 2 will deliver. When it is Time.

But for now, let's all go "Home" and bask in the richness of Sony's new online experience.
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calderra  +   3259d ago
And hate to kick the horse.
But Sony execs have been saying Killzone gameplay already looked that good for quite some time. To my knowledge, Bill Gates never claimed Halo 3 gameplay ever looked better than its demo. Or any other MS suit that I'm aware of.

And Bungie has a weekly developer diary where they've been talking about the progess weekly, and letting fans know the details of exactly what they'll be seeing in demo vids and exactly how it really does relate to the development cycle.

That's slightly different from the Killzone team, who we didn't hear from for nearly a full year.
Dlacy13g  +   3259d ago
@Calderra....have to agree with you
Sony's own words ....well Phils were KZ2 was already looking as good if not better than the E3 trailer. Nothing I have read from ANY of the sites around this tech demo stated it looked even close to the CGI trailer. Yes they have reported impressive things around some of the physics...but this hardly seems to be on the same level that Phil said it was.

@daritefaecherz.....damn you have a long user name LOL ....anyway, I think the "Home" idea from Sony is an attempt to generate a "Second Life" style community. From all I have read so far I think that is what it will be...nothing more, nothing less. As a gamer...I think it will be something to fiddle with but in the end a horrible tool to use to invite friends to games, view and compare your achievements, etc. I will say I could be wrong...but it just seems like it is going to be a somewhat tedious task to use in that manner. Not very efficient...and for online gaming...I want efficient. The book however is still out on it...need to see it actually working to truly pass judgment.
Killer Cop  +   3259d ago
It's still just a technical demo.. Can't wait for july!!!
techie  +   3259d ago
This is a tech demo and not the actual game. So expect the final characters to look more impressive. Aren't we pleased their physics, and lighting and effects are better than the original demo? Graphics will come later.

If Phil says it's better...he doesn't just mean "graphics" he means everything from amount of enemies on screen, physics etc.
ownallconsoles  +   3259d ago
Don't Know But Right Now
Halo 3 is definitely more than Killzone can handle. But that might be because i don't know much about Killzone 2 but then again who does?
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3259d ago
sony is showing a tech demo just like microsoft released an "alpha build
they showed a technical demo of motorstorm last year and look how that came out.they showed a tech demo of heavenly sword,getaway,etc.

sony is not ready to show all it's cards just yet.
Bhai  +   3259d ago
Only Technical Appects Shown !
Like physics, interactivity and particle effects. You guys can't simply compare it with a UE3 tech demo that resulted in Gears.

UE3 does almost nothing but visuals, see what else you get NEW in Gears besides graphics !
-only 3 NPCs on-screen at a time,
-no water,
-minimal physics and almost no interactivity.
-scripted destruction in environments
-Almost no vehicular gameplay
and lets not forget a very limited 6 hours of gameplay and a very cliche'd story.

Is that what you call next-gen that only delivers normal-mapped textures and takes only two cores of a system(Epic's Gemini threading system) to run so can be runable on a mere PC. Yeah, that was the advantage Gears enjoyed from mostly nerds that are sitting reviewing a game that 'looked' awesome ! Every critic states that the game had nothing new but visuals.
Dlacy13g  +   3259d ago
It's clear you are a blinded Sony Fanboy! And either you have never played Gears or you only looked at its menu since you have NO idea what you are talking about!

"NPC's only 3 onscreen"? Are you refering to the guys that fight along side of you?..i.e. your squad of 4? Because if not....there are plenty of AI driven enemies as well as your NPC teamates on screen at one time.

"scripted destruction in environments"? The only scripted destruction I can think of would be when its part of the story line...i.e. a boss fight. Other than that all the other enviormental/destruction effects are most certainly not scripted.

"Almost no vehicular gameplay"? Except again for that whole level that is all about driving an APC. But I will concede they could have had more than they did in the game.

"No Water"? What are you on crack? Whole level in the rain w/ puddles and then there is the Canal multiplayer map that consists of ......a water filled canal in the middle that you walk through and battle around constantly.

"lets not forget a very limited 6 hours of gameplay and a very cliche'd story" - 6 hours? First off it has been stated over and over that its between 8-10hrs on the lower level of difficulty so save your 6 hour crap. I played through it..and it isn't a 6hr romp...especially if you crank the difficulty. Cliche'd story? I am sorry...but are you trying to say Killzone is not? Almost every story out there is pretty much cliche'd when it comes to shooters my friend so try again.

"Every critic states that the game had nothing new but visuals" - Right, so that is why it took home so many awards and Game of the Year on multiple sites? It couldn't possibly be a well crafted game that re-introduced a style of game play (pop & shoot) for a 3rd person shooter ....and it totally re-introduced that style of game play to online play ...everyone and there mothers made an FPS shooter with the gun on screen ala Killzone, Halo, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, etc.

Anyway...this article is not about Gears....I just had to respond to the crap you put out.

Killzone is Sony's just isn't quite Halo... that could change...Killzone really could turn out to be a great AAA title. I will hold judgement on the game until it comes out. I will hold the Sony Execs accountable for their statements though. I get this was a tech demo showing off other things like the physics, lighting, etc. But when Phil previously says Killzone is looking as good as the CGI trailer one should expect that anything they show after that point would reflect that. This according to all I have read did not meet that expectation.
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Hayabusa 117  +   3259d ago
For once, I'm actually starting to think Killzone may appeal to me. Next Gen Black? Yes please! Ofcourse, it won't look as good as the CGI "projection", and of course, Phil Harrison saying it currently looks better than the trailer is just the usual Sony bullsh!t spin. I'm used to that now, not only from Sony, but from every other company (Microsoft, Bungie, Epic...all of them). Take EVERYTHING they say with a grain of salt.
gnothe1  +   3259d ago
with your comments I know you HAVENT played gears yet or all the way through yet!!because you say no water, well what about the stage where its raining an theres parts under the roof of the building that leaks water that you can go under an it reacts like it should.what about the multiplayer map where you have to run through water to get to the bridge, that doesnt count!!

an besides, what ever you claim that Gears doesn't bring to the next gen table, it still delivers more than anything the PS3 has to offer!!so regardless how weak you may think Gears is,theres nothing the PS3 has that shows its better!!
ownallconsoles  +   3259d ago
Gears was ok
But let's see Microsoft deliver on something thats not a FPS but looks as good as gears
lil bush  +   3259d ago
wonder what it really looks like
Creepa at GameManx  +   3259d ago
wait and judge the final product
timmyp53  +   3259d ago
Next Gen Black
Zhoutai  +   3259d ago
Not to be a fanboy...
But he did just say it was engine stuff. I was basic Bullet Effects and Particle effects. It wasnt polished meshes like you saw in E3. There's a fine line between "Engine" Ingame, and Actual Ingame. It will look better when it will be out. After all we know the PS3 has great potential, so quit hatin
WTF  +   3259d ago
Yada yada yada excuses,excuses Im tired of this lies the ps3 is here and I dont see the impressive "Halo killer" yet,the next generation starts with ps3 give me a break,they have no shame saying at E3(2005) that the video of kill Zone was real time,now nearly 2 years we havent seen any video of the game,even Halo has a Beta for playing in the next couple of month,so please dont lie to us anymore.If they have told us that the video was CG and the game could look the same maybe they werent many people bashing the PS3.Look at Bungie they said that the last video of Halo 3 was CG because they dont want to rush the product like they did with Halo 2 at least the admit it,learn to give respect to earn respect Sony.
techie  +   3259d ago
Shame everybody ignored my Killzone post...the optimism was beaming from Gamespot.
fenderputty  +   3259d ago
People are too busy trying to knock something
to pay attention to something good about this. I personally can't wait to see something polished and finished.
DJ  +   3259d ago
Hey Deepbrown.
Yeah, the amount of argumentation over journalists' opinions of the tech demo is pretty sad. The big thing that peaked my interest, above the impressive physics that were talked about, was the use of light to affect gameplay.

"The action looks fast and detailed, and it seems to be covering all the right bases. The visuals are looking sharp, and the vast scale of the outdoor areas is impressive, while the indoor spaces we saw were good and claustrophobic. Granted, we didn't see anything quite as jaw dropping as the eerie human animation in the previous trailer, but as Harrison noted, this trailer was more of a technical showcase than a proper trailer."
Devastator_oftheweak  +   3259d ago
I Say!
Wait til July, form your opinion after E3 we will each have one, try and see it from the other side, take a step back, look it over and deduce what is good and bad, then let people know. Cut down on the flames to the fans, enjoy the games and hand and play them for what they are....ENTERTAINMENT!

I love all games and not just the great ones, the less than stellar as well. I love the old Master System and Nintendo, even Atari 2600 games, they didn't need graphics to be fun,they were entertaining.

For example look at pitfall for the 2600, it was fun to try and make it through, it was repetitive but fun. XBL and Home will each take us to new levels of enjoyment, games like Killzone 2 and Halo 3 will allow us to obliterate new friends on distant worlds. And great game developers will emerge with new and fresh ideas to keep us playing.

I only hope that the day comes soon where there will be just roster updates to a madden game or all-pro football game, that has realistic looking graphics. Charge $19.99 for a new year of roster updates and graphical enhancements. We know its possible by the ability to download expansions for games now, like Gears of War and Resistance Fall of Man.

Encourage the game developers to make it great, challenge the old game developers to make new and fresh ideas as well not just a Halo 4 and 5 and 1 Billion, same with resistance. Sequels are great, but get tiresome and we judge them for not being as good as the previous version, i.e WWE games. We are just now seeing old ideas being re-innovated into new games. Write to the developers, give them your ideas on their game, or take the classes and design them yourself. With technology starting to get more advanced, its time we ask for more advanced things.

*steps down* Here is my soapbox, I didn't flame or hate one or the other system, I am a multi-platform gamer fanboy. CHALLENGE THE DEVELOPERS!!!
Keyser  +   3259d ago
Here, Here Devestator_oftheweak!!!!

Let's quit the crying and be critical in a sense of making both companies and developers better. We finally have the strength of numbers and buying power to have people listen to our ideas and what do we do? Bicker like little girls in the school yard. The fight is amongst them, not us! We just want the best games possible on both systems.

Thanks Devestator_oftheweak for pitying these fools...
Icryo  +   3259d ago
I want a demo of Killzone now and demand it is handed over to me.
FirstknighT  +   3259d ago
This game has been in development for like 3 years and the best they can do is a tech demo? Wake up sony boys!
power of Green  +   3259d ago
I hope this one works out for you guy's because all the other games you people hype up are lack-luster. It's best to wait and see what Sony brings to the table because Sony's staff and their fanboy's get out of hand.

(ownallconsoles)lol Theres just as much sword swinging heros in 360's line up as ther are gun packing ones. GET OVER IT!!!!.

#23 " XBL and Home will each take us to new levels of enjoyment, games like Killzone 2 and Halo 3".

^^^^--- You don't know what's coming to XBL and you surely don't know if "HOME" will be anything more than a kind of a corny attempt to keep their head above water(is it even real, or is it to see the public's reaction?; then work on it if the hype is good) You don't know Killzone will be anything more than a hyped up bust as most PS3 titles are, I'm sure you'll like it.

How in the hell did Halo and XBL get brought up?.
CompGeek  +   3259d ago
This is the result of 2 years work since the "gameplay-footage" demo? A less than half-completed tech demo? Wow, so impressive. 2 years ago Gears of War looked like crap, and it's already been released with KZ demo quality graphics and animations.
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andthensum  +   3259d ago
Killzone 2 is way bigger than Gears of War and Halo combined
If you guys really knew how much money Sony was pouring into Killzone and how many publishers are working to make sure the final product looks better than the CGI, you wouldn't even post over here because you'd know it was a lie. Killzone 2 will be the best game anyone has seen since Mass Effect and you can guarantee it. July will show you something new, just wait and see.
D R Fz  +   3259d ago
I do agree with you that Killzone is Big
But that is because of the amount of money Sony is pouring into this title. Sony wishes to make a game that can counter the likes of Gears of war, Halo 3 and etc. And believe me if they pull it off, it will only be the beginning. But if they don't pull it off, and Killzone doesn't even come near the likes of the E3 CGI we all saw, then Microsoft is going to have a serious edge over Sony for a very long time. Sony only has one option right now and that is to make a killer AAA title that will sell its consoles and i believe Killzone must be that title.
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achira  +   3259d ago
lol, are some ppl crazzy ? they compare GEOW with Killzone ? lol, poor morons, you will eat your hairs when killzone arrives. poor poor xbots, you have lost in every way!
ThunderSpark  +   3259d ago
I like Sony but Graphics wise
Killzone will never reach Gears of War and Mass Effect. I own a ps3 but i also know when my ps3 got owned. Microsoft has to many aces up there sleeves.
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