Ballmer sees Mac as a main competitor, iPhone as just buzz

As software giant Microsoft is warning of continued economic hardship after its first round of layoffs ever, the company's chief executive is eyeing competition from Apple, Linux, and Google on the desktop while downplaying the market strength of the iPhone and other opponents of its Windows Mobile operating system.

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Darkseider3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

This is why Microsoft will continue in its' downward spiral. Ballmer has been and always will be the "Dancing Monkey Boy" and slayer of office furniture and never anything else. The Mac and OS X have already punched a hole in the Windows installed base as has Linux and both are continuing to enjoy increased adoption. As for the iPhone being nothing but buzz someone might to tell Monkey Boy that the installed base of iPhones has suprassed that of Windows Mobile/PocketPC on smartphones in Q3 of 2008.