Next Gen Killed Our Gaming Relationship

"But then the next generation killed our gaming relationship.

We started having children and losing spare time. While we were having our next gen, so were the console makers. I sadly watched as my wife grew increasingly disinterested in gaming as quickly as I was becoming more interested."

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Godem3520d ago

I wish girls I knew liked games OTHER than Wii Fit... lol.

ChickeyCantor3520d ago

They try to show them why they are fun =P
you can't stop trying!

N4g_null3519d ago

You know sidar is right. Also you can try play other games other than FPS.

Plenty of girls like playing
guitar hero.
rock band.
fighters unless you are really good.
monkey ball
bomber man
and actually lots of the VC games. Most of you guys wouldn't know that about VC games because you did not grow up in arcades. There use to be tons of girls at the arcades! Girls and games it was heaven man and hell most of them where from high school too.

Seriously there are a ton of games out there. What I do is challenge people. Girls always like to decide what you are going to do so tell them we will decide over a game. They pick the game first and then you pick the next game. This can be checkers to video games and you set the rules.

Some times it just takes them to play. Most of the time they are just watching and you can not truly get a feel for how much fun the game is by watching.

XboxOZ3603520d ago

David Always does a great BlogBanter every month or two . .so do slip over and check it out.

gaminoz3520d ago

My niece likes Gears of War 2! That surprised me...she's an artist and obviously has a bit of a violent streak. Hope her fiancee is ready for it!

Any couples out there game together? What do you play?

Immortal Kaim3520d ago

My Girlfriend loves Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda. Had a great time gaming together.

odisho683520d ago

surprisingly my girlfriend likes COD4 hopefully I can get her interested in Killzone 2 and SF4

Superfragilistic3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I used entry level drugs in this order...
1) Wii,
2) Nintendo DS,
3) XBLA (Castle Crashers, Carscassone, Braid, Bomberman & Geo Wars)
4) Lips/Guitar Hero/Scene It
5) Netflix and the NXE (Avatars, photos, music and talk) and...

6) Now thanks largely to Fable 2/Viva Pinata 2/Banjo:N&B she went and bought her own own 360! :D

Mission Accomplished.

ChickeyCantor3520d ago


bad use of words.

gaminoz3520d ago

Not if you read the article. Next gen is in reference to 'children' as well as 'consoles'....

ChickeyCantor3520d ago

" Next Gen Killed Our Gaming Relationship"

past tense? So no he did use it wrong.
Next gen means NEXT generation. So future consoles.

Therefor bad use of words.

gaminoz3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Yes....but the reference is to the time when they had children and the wife stopped enjoying playing the newer consoles BACK THEN (so the consoles WERE the next gen in the context of that time).

I do agree that current consoles are now "this gen" and that "next gen" hasn't come yet though :)

XboxOZ3603519d ago

Wrong,not a bad use of the words . .a bad 'comprehension' of the article . . if you do some 'reading' on the article's author, he's written many a university paper, writes for x360 mag, is a historian and has submitted many 'papers' on various matter. So I "think" he has a good grasp of the English language.

The article is looking at how 'some' have been affect, in different ways, both positive and negative, from the move from the older generation to the Newer Generation of consoles and gaming styles. Hence the term . Next Gen.

ChickeyCantor3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

" he's written many a university paper, writes for x360 mag, is a historian and has submitted many 'papers' on various matter. So I "think" he has a good grasp of the English language."

Doesn't matter,
The thing is NEXT-gen is used by the industry wrong too.
People still refer to NEXT-gen consoles of those of today.

Its time people learn CURRENT-GEN.

CURRENT-GEN consoles affected people not future console. Cause you can't really say anything about them untill they are actually released.
I dont care wether he is a scientist or a drug dealer.

XboxOZ3603519d ago

Well"actually" we do NOT use the term Next-Gen for This-gen consoles. Our term for that use would be for the x720 and the Wii 2 and the PS4, two of which are under development at the moment, with the third still unconfirmed.

He's using the term Next0=-gen in the form of saying What arrived . . what arrived was "next-gen" . . . Meaning the TERM Next-Gen . . and the consoles that accompanied it. Make sense . . .

It's like stating a term that was used for products that had an effect on his surrounds and life, as well as the last few newer generation of gamers . . . the Next-Gen consoles of the time had that effect, not the This-gen consoles of the time . .

And why are =you so worried about it anyhow, he makes some excellent and valid points, and many of the industry writers, PR, Publishers and developers I've spoken to of late have all said the same, and are finding it exceptionally difficult to please This-Gens audience, especially the very new gamers and younger Gen.

Superfragilistic3519d ago

"Semantics" - More fun than a Wii with your pants down!

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Meryl3520d ago

quit complaining there are plenty of girl gamers who love gaming, and i am one of them.
can't wait till killzone 2 oh yeah.

gaminoz3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Yeah but the author isn't married to you...his wife lost the taste for it when the kids came along and the 'next gen' consoles weren't to her taste.

Do you play with your boyfriend? How many couples play together I wonder? I've seen guys being given the ultimatum "It's me or the machine" before....and they've reluctantly chosen the girlfriend and had to sell off their gear.

XboxOZ3603519d ago

Plus the author isn't "complaining" he's highlighting having or not having a gaming partner . . . PLUS . . . the lack of respect that has now become quite high with the recent generation of gamers, especially since the online gaming boom from 2005 onwards.

Even gamers in their mid to late 20's notice a huge change in gamers attitudes online and off these days. An attitude that alarms even them.

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