Ron Workman Calls Out Destructoid for Sloppy Journalism

Nerve writes: "A few weeks ago I mistakenly associated Ron Workman with Destructoid, an error that probably made him throw up a little bit in his mouth. He left the site a while ago due to ethical concerns. I never paid much attention to Destructoid because their site is so crammed with user generated nonsense that I've never felt motivated to try to make sense of any of it.
Anyway, I've since developed a minor crush on the guy, being that he shares my inability to stomach amateur journalism from soul-crushingly profitable mainstream sites. Yesterday he took Destructoid's Jim Sterling to task for an unforgivably terrible review (Please don't watch the video, it's a terrible Zero Punctuation rip, complete with overwrought metaphor and overused vulgarity). Sterling gives the game a safe 7.0. Problem is, he never really played the game."

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