GDC 2007: Sony Reveals Video of "Home" in Action

A video of the new Playstation 3 Home in action. Hosted by

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D R Fz4301d ago

That was simply amazing. If it actually works as well as they say, Sony's knew community will go unrivaled for a very long time. The interaction and the match making and the .... etc. etc. so much offered. But i won't get to hyped yet. I must see it in action personally. If it does work like in this video, it would truly be better that what XBox Live offers now.

GaMr-4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

They said.....

FirstknighT - 7 Hours ago [Shut this user up] [Let user speak]
8 -
I'm sorry but I think the "home" idea is the gayest thing ever. Do you get to decorate you lil home with flowers and fancy curtains??? Well atleast the females will get a kick out of this. Good for them.

shikwan - 8 Hours ago [Shut this user up] [Let user speak]
3 - Why wait...?
For something you can have, NOW! ...Oh yea, cause it's gonna blow the 360 away...just like Sony's 'worldwide' launch, just like the PS3's launch titles, just like the games and the system itself and just like the Playstation network! : 0

GaMr: So tell me guys.... How does foot taste. Would you like some ketchup with that?

D R Fz4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

I haven't been this excited about a console for a LONG Time. Gamr this is definitely the hottest news for the year until PS4 is announced.

Monchichi0254301d ago

Now you Gay Sony Fanboys have Gay little Houses to go hangout and do your thing!!! LOL KIDDING!!!!!!

It does look pretty Sweet tho!! Props to Sony for Finally making something worth having for the PS3. Now, let's see if they can actually deliver. Hmmm?!?

closedxxx4301d ago

It's definitely a cool concept, but more of an MMO than an online gaming hub. I don't see how this is going to help me have my "unified" friends list and hop online to play multiplayer games quickly.

DEIx15x84301d ago

On that screen where they placed a chair it listed furniture that was "owned" does that mean that this "free" service will require tons of micro-transactions in order to have anything in this world. That's how all the PC versions of this are so it wouldn't surprise me, have fun in debt hell.

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Blackmoses4301d ago

I think i just pee'd myself

shotty4301d ago

Looks really cool, playing your music to others....wouldn't that be illegal though.

Bill Nye4301d ago

Yeah, with the RIAA now cracking down on internet-radio and fair-use policies, who knows how that'll work.

F*ck the RIAA.

closedxxx4301d ago

You only have legal issues when the file is moved from it's original source and shared entireley, not just listened to by others. The same way you can legally share songs from one ZUNE to another, but only for a couple of days before the temporary license expires

Raist4301d ago

I was about to post it :P

This... this looks f'in incredible. I wasn't expecting such a thing when the rumors came out.

Btw, there's also a video of an example of game Home will allow you to play (shortly shown in the Home trailer)

Here it is.


closedxxx4301d ago

That game doesn't really look like much fun. It seems like it was just built as a platform to show of advanced textures and lighting. Looks pretty.... but also pretty boring

MoonDust4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

Didn't like that game. Looks cool. I can see the arcade games working but why would anyone waste time walking around on this instead of playing games is beyond me.