Latest Famitsu review scores and Dengeki review scores

The latest Famitsu review scores include Resident Evil 5 (PS3/360) and 7th Dragon (DS).

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Imallvol73577d ago

Dengeki didn't like Biohazard 5 so much. I really can't believe Famitsu scored it that well! The jury is still out.

HDDVD183577d ago

man the demo sucks

download it from LIVE/PSN and try it out for yourself

rent RE5 before buying

Serjikal_Strike3577d ago

thats looking foward to playing RE5...i was dissappointed with the controls as well but all it takes is a little getting used to...Im looking foward to playing it online co-op....
Its a 1st day purchase for well as Killzone2

HarukoHex3577d ago

actually hi-def I rather enjoyed the demo myself. and i look forward to playing the game, truth is its already paid off. i mean why do people hate on it so much, is it because its just like RE4, the game that sold massivly and won game of the year awards. come on, why fix whats not broken, if they changed it people would be saying it should have stayed like RE 4.

Serjikal_Strike3577d ago

Ive been saying that all along...people loved RE4 for the graphics,controls and gameplay...and now RE5 has better graphics ..same controls and same gameplay..and they hate it?
well its nice to see im not the only one looking foward to RE5..
bubbles 2 you bro

Kleptic3577d ago

i'll probably not buy it, but definitely rent it...

I hated the demo, but am interested in seeing the story...and i'm sure that after I get used to the controls a bit more, it won't be so tedious...

for the record...I disliked Re4 for the same don't come flying at me about 'its SUPPOSED to be like THAT!!'...i know I I said...I hated it the first time, too...

RyuStrife3577d ago

Yakuza 3 is doing very well too. I hope they work hard in getting it to the states and EU. It doesn't have to be translated completely, just subtitles will do for me.

barom3577d ago

Problem with RE5 is that it's trying to emulate a shooter but does not have the controls for it. Why do they give us all these enemies without the proper maneuvering abilities. RE4 was revolutionary for it's time and the controls fitted the GameCube very well (1 analog stick only) and was the platform it was designed for (announced as a GC exclusive after all). Taken that into account and the fact that people didn't play shooters all that much at the time, this was an amazing feat. But the controls are outdated. Just like the old RE tank controls are outdated.

You say "why fix what isn't broken" but the problem is that the controls are broken (and also very unrealisticly so). So yea anyway I'll just add that I also like the game but I can't deny the fact that I want better controls. Especially if they're gonna release a bunch of enemies from all corners.

sonarus3577d ago

Go Yakuza!! Same score as RE5 from famitsu and outscoring Biohazard with Dengeki

HarukoHex3577d ago


the reason they added so many enemies is because they want to make you nervous make you think "OH CRAP WHAT DO I DO" instead of "OH CRAP THAT SCARED ME", it would seem they are trying to do a different kind of scaring in the series now, instead of fright, more like worrying. but thats just IMO.

ThanatosDMC3577d ago

I'm kinda curious how ammo management would work in RE5. I mean, you cant give half to your partner you have to give 30 pistol ammo atleast. I hope they fix this at least with a give half option. I understand it's to expedite the process of handing out ammo. But it'll be useless if the giver runs out of ammo too and be unable to defend himself.

pain777pas3577d ago

I just don't know how Capcom make street fighter 4 and perfects it and lets RE5 go out without serious gamer feedback. The controls are not marioesque they are stiff and clunky. Lost Planet 2 fTW!

DelbertGrady3577d ago

This game scored higher than Resident Evil 5? I find that hard to believe, but you never know with Famitsu reviewers. Just look at the video I embedded. It looks like a slightly average PS2 game. Complete with stiff animations and repetitive gameplay. This would have felt dated ten years ago.

I mean the PS3 has a ton of good looking exclusives this year and this is what caught your eye? I don't know what to say. Something tells me that if Yakuza 3 was a multiplat you wouldn't be interested at all. Watch the video, I dare you.

RyuStrife3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

If you're going to show something, do the game justice. all you did is show the fighting gameplay. There is so much more to the game.

ActionBastard3577d ago

Yakuza 3 effin sick! The battles have always been like that, but not 12 to 1. Please release this in the States Sega.

MegaMohsi3577d ago

That's why it was GOTY 2005, this is 2009 and all that's advanced in that time is graphics? That just doesn't cut it. Seems like Capcom just wanted to make a quick buck so they enhanced the graphics(which was gonna happen anyway because it's a new generation of consoles) and they just put in the exact same gameplay but throwing in co-op to not make it seem like a rehash. The co-op is the only reason I'll be getting this game.

ThanatosDMC3577d ago

Wow, Yakuza looks way better than GTA4... more polished too. If only i understood japanese perfectly. Seems like a very interesting game.

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edwineverready3577d ago

that is the score it deserves i think.

HDDVD183577d ago

the game sucks

it is re4.5

LeonSKennedy4Life3577d ago

Halo 2 and 3 got 10's across the board.

How does IT get a free ticket?

Snipes203577d ago

300 million fanboys that would tear down your house and endlessly spam your website for a low score, you would score sequels (that weren't as good) as high if not higher than the first game.

Gue13577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Is just me or Famitsu has really bad taste?

People say that Famitsu it's the most important video game magazine on Japan but I was talking with some japanase guys on while broadcasting "Demon's Soul". And they said that nobody cares about Famitsu in Japan... Famitsu it's just another one from the bunch.

Skyreno3577d ago

i knew it ^^ i got feeling this game was going to get 8 or 8.5 ^^ well looking down " Yakuza 3 " got great scores cant wait for that game

Myst3577d ago

Hehe, funny thing is just got down re-playing through that RE5 demo :). Can't wait for the game's release!

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