GameSpy: Dante's Inferno: Adaptation Damnation Preview

GameSpy writes: "One of the points that Dante's Inferno Executive Producer and Creative Director Jonathan Knight was keen to hammer home was that the team at EA's Redwood Shores studio was taking the adaptation from literature to videogame very seriously. He said all this while standing in front of a screen where an armored but not overly-muscled Dante leapt into the air and sunk about three feet of wicked-looking scythe into a demon with oversized goat horns. To my knowledge, that didn't happen in Dante Alighieri's epic poem describing his descent into Hell and its variegated layers of punishment, but I'm willing to roll with it. But the question of why exactly I'm so willing to let such an obvious and glaring departure nagged me throughout the demo."

+Death's scythe serves several purposes and delivers some awesome attacks
+Smooth animation
+Cool environments

-A hack 'n slash game from a literary masterpiece?
-EA Redwood Shores working on this means it isn't working on Dead Space

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