Halo Wars Garners More Bias Than KillZone 2?

Blend Games writes:

"The topic of gaming publication bias is all the rage right now. From one forum board or comment section to the next, it's easy to point out gamers claiming that a site is biased against a particular console/game all because nice things weren't said in a review, or the author reported on news findings that rendered unfavorable results. But is this really true?"

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cryymoar3551d ago

If they can knock off points for Killzone 2 not being Halo,
they can knock off points for Halo Wars not being Starcraft, Warcraft, Warhammer 40,000, or Age Of Empires.

lord_of_balrogs3551d ago

Gamespot's RTS reviews for the 360.

Red Alert 3 360: 7.0
Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars 360: 8.7
LOTR Battle for Middle-Earth 2 360: 8.3

Halo Wars 360: 6.5

Bias? Defenitley. But you don't see hate articles springing up to trash this review because unlike some fanboys on N4G we don't get our panties in a bunch when an anticipated game is not liked.

Fishy Fingers3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Why does that make them bias? Because they offered up a different score to what YOU deem worthy?

It's similar to the whole Edge KZ2 review. People are quick to wave the bias banner when in reality it's simply just a difference of opinion.

If a work/school friend said they thought KZ2 or Halo Wars was a 5/10 game would you/I scream bias in there face and stamp our feet? Nah... I just see it as it is, an opinion, no more, no less valid than mine.

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Rock Bottom3550d ago

You do realize that what you're doing right now is exactly what PS3 fanboys does whenever a PS3 exclusive get a bad score, right?

jammy_703550d ago

when the game expected to be amazing...

gamespot on halo wars, 6.5, thats not biased it just not an amazing game
if gamespot were to review killzone 2 at say a 6.5, not thats biased!
see where im coming from =/ lol

edgeofblade3550d ago

Who cares. I played the demos for both KZ2 and HW and I know which one I will be playing over the next month. I shouldn't stir the fanboy pot by saying which one... but some reviewer's opinion isn't going to change my playing habits, especially one such habit informed by demos.

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Myst3551d ago

Picture is pretty funny :).

Though really, not a lot of people favor RTS type of games so I guess that this would be where the first bit of "Bias" or whatever people call it comes from. Not only that, but it is not a FPS which pretty much links back to the first statement. As the gametrailers review of this game stated, it's campaign is short and your a limited to whom you can play as campaign wise. Instead of Warhammer, Dawn of War II, and Warcraft where you can see at least both sides (or all 4 depending on game and time period).

So pretty much I would say that this is normal, this isn't the same type of Halo you would see in Halo 1~3 so it's understandable. Comparing that to Killzone 2 which is a shooter, which the majority of the current generation plays is pretty much finalizing the idea or concept that the two cannot be compared pretty much.

PS3istheshit3551d ago

its so boring
you just order ppl around and its not even fun
i never played an RTS but im guessing by the looks its [email protected] as F**k

iHEARTboobs3550d ago

That's cool if you don't like RTS games, there's no problem with that. But to say RTS games suck because they look boring and not because you've actually played them, is pretty retarded. Don't knock it till you try it, don't judge a book by it's cover.....and all that other cliche sh!t.

IrishAssa3550d ago

Cliches suck sweaty d1ck, RTS's are brilliant and you should start with the new halo or CAC Red alert 2 or 3, cause there the easiest

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