GameSpot: X-Blades Review

GameSpot writes: "X-Blades comes so close to being a great action game. It encompasses most of the elements that you would demand from the best games in the genre: diverse combat with tons of unlockable moves, impressive visuals that optimally frame the frantic fights, and a long quest with plenty of creepy monsters and gigantic boss encounters. But for every step forward that X-Blades takes on the road to action nirvana, it takes another step in the opposite direction. The depth of combat is too often compromised as hundreds of enemies flood the screen, the striking visuals lose their luster as repetitive environments make things predictable, and the boss battles are wars of attrition rather than tests of skill. However, despite the game's problems, it's still a fun action romp. But what could have been a thrilling, vicious battle against dark forces becomes an all-too-predictable foray into senseless hacking and slashing".

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redsnake3556d ago

not satisfied not the ninja gaiden sigma i thought it would be now what am i sposed to do with my 360 cept play old games i didnt really like halo wars and the lost and damned is way overrated oh well itll be street fighter for me for a while, on 360 at least