Rush, Rush, Rush: Halo Wars and the Endangered Turtle

"Standard tactics are your rush, your boom, and, sorta, your turtle. Which is sorta the in-between build defenses to hold off a rush, but yet don't boom up your economy quite as much as a pure boom that leaves itself undefended."

This was the comment made by Ensemble's Justin Rouse in a developer diary video created to promote Halo Wars. For starters, Rouse's definition is technically wrong. The term "turtle" refers to building up your defenses against a rush instead of booming your economy; there's no "in-between" about it. But Crispy Gamer was more taken aback to hear Rouse using classic real-time strategy terminology to talk about Halo Wars, which is one of the latest RTSes to subvert the classic formula. Can he do that? Can he talk about Halo Wars, a game Crispy Gamer likes in theory more than practice, in those terms?

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