COD 4 Variety Pack now 50% off on XBLM

Infinity Ward have just announced that they have slashed the price of the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack by 50% to 400 points on the Xbox Live Marketplace as of right now while the PSN sale will begin on Thursday.

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TheHater3551d ago

These are the worst map every in any online shooters or games in general. These maps are so imbalance and was a waste of money. My entire clan and several other people on my buddy list deleted them just so they will not be able to play them. These maps was a waste of $10.

Serjikal_Strike3551d ago

everytime these maps show up for the next level, they get skipped quick...worst 10 bucks i spent...not even worth 5 bucks!

iHEARTboobs3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

was the most balanced from all the new maps. As for Overgrown and Broadcast, i definately think you have an advantage depending on which side you spawn from. Overall, I like them but I don't think the $10 price tag was worth it. I hope GG supports KZ2 a lot better than IW supported COD4.

Megaton3551d ago

This is probably my only regrettable purchase from the PSN. Way overpriced for what it offered. Shoulda been free, especially with the truckloads of cash they made off of the game.

TheHater3551d ago

That was the only content the release for the game and is was trash. I have to agree also on the purchase. I could have bought a Downloadable game for $10. Next time InfinityWard release download contents for a game, I am not buying it.

Helghast Slayer3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Hahaha looks like someone is desperate to steel a little shine from KZ2. Why did they wait till now to do so? why didn't they do it last week or the week before?

Well anyway, the 360 needs this not the ps3. KZ2 will be played by most people that own a ps3. The sad thing is after playing the KZ2 demo 30+ times and mastering the controls, when i went back to CoD:MW it truelly felt outdated and childish in a way.

I'm not blaming IW because they did a wonderful job back in 2007. But now it's KZ2's turn and it's set the bar ridiculously high. Well for me at least.

TheHater3551d ago

InfinityWard didn't do Call of Duty [email protected]

GavinMannion3551d ago

@TheHater This is for Modern Warfare not WaW

Omegasyde3551d ago

4 maps for 10 bucks.....

Let alone you can only play 1 with a small ammount of players.

goflyakite3551d ago

Never bought them even though I'm a COD4 fanatic, just because I had no way of getting money on the store.

But I was fine without them.

Anyways I pre-ordered KZ2 today.
I got a free toque with it. :\

Serjikal_Strike3551d ago

the pre paid psn cards?
they have them in 20 and 50 dollar amounts..
youre gonna need them for the upcoming killzone2 DLC..

goflyakite3551d ago

I just haven't looked for them enough.

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