The Evolution of God of War

PSU writes:

"God of War is a series close to many of our hearts. Spawned from the mind of the criminally talented David Jaffe, the original God of War introduced us to Kratos, the brutal ex-Spartan soldier that vowed to kill Ares, the Olympian god of war. God of War exuded quality; the plot twisted and turned before culminating with a gratifying finale, the gameplay was unbelievably fluid and satisfying, and the visuals were the finest to grace the PlayStation 2. It was a masterpiece... We thought that as production on God of War III goes forward, it would be helpful to look back at the older games to see how the series has changed over the years. Behold, the evolution of God of War."

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iAmPS33551d ago

That makes me realize how good those games looked back then. Amazing!!

jkhan3551d ago

That is just lame, atleast use high resolution images of God of War 3. These screens don't do justice to what GOW3 actually looks like. How about you compare it to this
& this