IGN: Magician's Quest: Magical Times Hands-on

IGN writes:

"If you're anything like I am, you spent a good deal on N64, DS, Wii, or a combination of the three obsessing over a little game called Animal Crossing. Nintendo's charm has taken that franchise a long way over the years, especially when you consider it hasn't really changed all that much from game to game. If you're really like me, then you've undoubtedly gone through waves with the game, loving it for a while, having friends move in or play it with you, and then eventually growing tired of it due to its repetition. Oh you might pick up each version as they come along, hoping you'll get back into it again and relive some of that magic, but no sooner than you finish all of Nook's slave jobs do you realize the discovery of it all is sadly gone."

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