Resident Evil 5 scores 38/40 in latest Famitsu

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Resident Evil 5 scored 10/10/9/9 = 38.

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RememberThe3573556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

With the most inconsistent standard of quality out there... FAMITSU!

EDIT: I really hope this game truly it a 95/100 or 38/40 or what ever. RE4 was great, but this game hasn't grown on be yet and the demo was not fun.

butterfinger3556d ago

I literally have no idea how to feel about ANY Famitsu review. I wasn't a big fan of the demo, but being a fan of the series, I'll probably pick this up day one anyway.

lord_of_balrogs3556d ago

A well deserved score for a great looking game, I hope it lives up to my expectations, the demo certainly did.

Skyreno3556d ago

lol well until released it outside i think reviews like Ign will give game 8 or 8.5 ... I play demo and i dont know , i got feeling this game will be good but not great

Gambit073556d ago

I'm still not convinced if I should buy this...

N4Garbage3556d ago

The final build is awesome.

The Demo for RE5 was the old E3 Build.

You remember the big monster in the lost planet 2 trailer and how freaking amazing it looked?

There is a fight with El Gigante that looks so damn good in RE5 it's like WTF.

The Final Build looks beast

Sevir043556d ago

I'm not asking it to be innovative. but there are things to be improved when making the transition to next gen

better animation smarter and visceral enemy AI and destructible environments and great phsyics... i gotta see things flying around and bodies staying dead on the floor, this melting away or fading way into nothing in this gen when you are trying to go realistic just isn't cutting it
DMC4 was good but not great
and Re5 which really is just Re4 in HD with Co-op isn't any better

I saw the direction it was going and was not persuaded by it's shiny graphics
controls remain the same with the as Re4 which sucks for this gen

TheHater3556d ago

I am waiting to see what you guys give this game. I for one will not be getting it because I am not a RE fan and I have my personal vendetta against Capcom.

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