GamesRadar: Dante's Inferno Preview

GamesRadar writes: "If you haven't read The Divine Comedy, we'll give you a quick primer. In the early 1300s, Dante wrote an epic poem about his journey through the allegorical Christian afterlife - Inferno (Hell), Purgatory and Paradise (Heaven) - with a guide, named Virgil. What's interesting is that not only did Dante write himself as the main character, but also the poem ended up being the defining medieval view of the Christian afterlife".

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MrWonderful3552d ago

Ea has been on a role making good games lately, so im going to keep my eye on this in hopes its just as good as dead space

San anto3552d ago

although the game looks like it will be good it is hugely inaccurate and tbh offensive to dantes literature. Seriously tho dante was just venturing through hell not on some noble mission to destroy demons or some bullshiit.

Wolf8733552d ago

it certainly looks like a promising game. It has got my interest, and if Dead Space team is developing it, we can be sure to get a cool product. This is like a dream come true for those who can't play GOW, providing the game works smoothly enough like GOW games.