Red Steel 2 First Look In Next Issue of NGamer Magazine

N-Europe's Nathan Whincup writes:

" looks as though Red Steel 2 is in a presentable state right now, as the "Next Month" page in Issue #34 of British Nintendo magazine NGamer promises to feature a first look at Red Steel 2 and "MotionPlus swordsmanship" in the May 2009 issue, which will hit news stands on Wednesday March 25th."

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Shoko3493d ago

Know this:

1) The first Red Steel was rushed. They had to meet launch date, so they had to bag it up as it was and send it out the door. So it wasn't the game's fault that it didn't live up to the hype.

2) Red Steel 2 has already been in development for 2 years. So they've had plenty of time to make a quality game.

3) Red Steel 2 is being done by a different group of people within Ubisoft.

So really, don't flame it until reviews come out. Heck, don't flame it then!

Trollimite3493d ago

its that girl. if her tits were a little bigger id pre order that game today!!!!

PirateThom3493d ago

I liked the first Red Steel. It wasn't perfect, the sword fighting was awful, but the gun play and borderline racist Japanese accents made it a fun game.

If they refine what they have, the Wii could get a good shooter.

FantasyStar3493d ago

It cause of Red Steel that I often use the word "Gaijin" as an alias. It just sounds so BADASS!

Sev3493d ago


I guess I should just submit all my articles, with a pic of a hot chick.

This article about a sequel to a crappy wii game, is blowing up faster than everything else.

ThanatosDMC3493d ago

95% of all the people that frequent N4G would agree with you. Honestly, I clicked it because of the picture.

Also, this is finer/hotter asian chick than the one that was modeling for Mirror's Edge. The chick with the sword is above average (body wise, face, posture, etc) while the chick that modeled for Mirror's Edge photoshoot is "meatier" proportional to her height, face is a downgrade, and just too short.

I know some guys are fine with petite size... but she's more petite than most. You could mistake her for a 12-14 year old. The girl above is more developed. No "baby fat". /end rant

iNcRiMiNaTi3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

the chick is tila nguyen, tila tequila or whatever she calls herself now. and yea i clicked because of the picture, even though i've seen it before....still made me wanna see it

FantasyStar3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I tell you. If you used pictured of women to grab attention. I won't click on the article. I'll just jump straight to the comments section. I don't support sites that use underhanded techniques like that. If I wanted softcore porn, I have my sources for that. I don't need it in my gaming news.

whoelse3492d ago

I admit it's the reason why I clicked on the article. I was then disappointed that the full article didn't have any pictures :(

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mirroredderorrim3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

We live in the most assbackward of times.

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