Joystiq Review: Tomb Raider Underworld: Beneath the Ashes (DLC)

Joystiq writes: "Sometimes, I worry about Lara Croft. Sure, the bloody vendetta against endangered animals and that egregious contempt for ancient pots were both neon-lit warning signs, but the writing on the walls has never been so clearly etched as on those found in her latest raid-worthy tomb. It's not the fact that she's willing to clamber, crawl and cartwheel through the decrepit crypt, her collapsed mansion as its gravestone, that makes me fret about her mental health. It's that she's willing to do it all in a camo bikini.

Unsurprisingly, the gaudy garment, no doubt picked up at a tacky souvenir shop on Normandy Beach, represents the more adolescent additions offered by Tomb Raider Underworld's first DLC episode, Beneath the Ashes. The rest of it -- a large, unexplored environment, a new enemy and some fresh puzzles -- should appeal to those who see beyond Lara's figure and appreciate a game of clockwork exploration and platforming..."

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Elven63528d ago

Bikini? I'm sold!

Jokes aside, it looks like Joystiq likes it, asides from the pricepoint I think?

On a sidenote anyone else hate this new voice actress they brought in for Legend and beyond? The AOD was pretty good, the bloopers they did were a nice touch as well.