IGN: Noby Noby Boy Review

Noby Noby Boy is certainly an ambitious title, if ambitious is indeed the correct word. It just doesn't work. You'll occasionally see something weird and funny, and the rope-esque physics are very well implemented, but that's just not enough. IGN will say that the concept of GIRL is cool and if the community helps her grow to reach new planets, then that's great. But really, though, Noby Noby Boy feels like a tech demo with a couple cool concepts, and nothing more.

Presentation - 7.0
Graphics - 6.0
Sound - 7.0
Gameplay - 6.0
Lasting Appeal - 5.0
Overall -

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Revelation1013576d ago

Yeah, sucks that PSN has the best arcade titles.

mugoldeneagle033576d ago

Is that I never really have a WANT to play it, but when I do, it's so rewarding.

I dont know. I just feel as if when I put a AAA title into my system to play (Socom, Fallout 3, MGS4, Soon to be Killzone 2), I need to WANT to play it. I can't just go into a game of that magnitude just because I'm bored, and that's where games like Noby Noby and Flower are perfect.

You (I) don't have to have any feelings going into it because when your finished they'll all be there.

I'd give the game a 7.5/10, with flower being a 9/10

Both are relaxing and unique

chrisnick3576d ago

IGN failed on this one...its pretty good, i've seen enough 9s and played enough of it to know its pretty good. strange but still kinda obviously isn't for everyone i guess the reviewer in this case is one of those ppl.

N4PS3G3576d ago


looks like it :)

ActionBastard3576d ago

Completely agree with mugoldeneagle03. I'd give it a 7.5. It's a quirky, fun, nothing of a game that for $5 is a deal.

GWAVE3576d ago

Review score aside, this is the best $5 I spent recently. Not because of the value of the game per se, but the large amount of laughs it has given me and my friends. $5 for (so far) hours and hours of hilarity is well worth it in my book.

Flower is the other game I downloaded recently. Flower alongside Noby Noby Boy was quite a refreshment in the gaming world.

3576d ago
ThanatosDMC3576d ago

Saw the videos... im not spending 5 burgers for this game.

Omegasyde3576d ago

Ign failed. This game is 5$.

What where they expecting, anti aliasing 4-d dynamic shadowing particles?

Price should always be factored in the score when reviewing downloadable titles.

Socom Confrontation ( PSN download only) should of been rated a 2/10 simply because its just 7 maps with laggy servers.

Socom Confrontation (Disc + Headset) should be rated atleast a 8/10 because the headset alone retails for 50$ USD, and you get a 10$ USD game with it.

callahan093576d ago

I disagree with IGN on this one. I got the game and DID think exactly what IGN wrote here. Then, I played it more. See, I just think they are taking it at face value. They played it a few times then wrote this opinion piece. If you keep going back to it you'll realize that there is a lot of fun to be had and created all on your own, nobody will hold you hand and say "this is how you have fun with this toy" ... in that regard it's just like being a kid again. Nobody can tell you how to have fun with an action figure, it's just something you figure out on your own. The more you play around with this, the more you realize there is to see. There are all sorts of different items, creatures, settings, etc. that you see as you keep going to new maps. It was surprising to see some of the stuff I saw. There are some breathtakingly beautiful maps, some downright creepy ones, and everything in between. Very creative gaming experiment, and well worth the 5 bucks. When I'm bored, I turn it on and just mess around and always feel like my day got a little bit better because of it.

Coconutz9193576d ago

That's exactly how I feel about this game, and I think it deserves at least a little more credit. Also, in how many other games does it take thousands or even hundreds of thousands of players working together to achieve a single goal? The Moon only took a few days... next stop: Mars!

@ N4PS3G: Typical of you to latch on to this single review, ignoring the suprisingly consistant praise among others :O

ZuperAmazingCooKie3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )


looks like it :) "

Looks like the Xbox fanboys are happy to see a PS3 game "flop", what a total surprise.

SaiyanFury3576d ago

I don't know, I bought the game the first day it released and I've had a blast with it. So something might not work just the way you want, it doesn't make the game any less fun. Lord knows people that watch me play it split their sides they laugh so hard. Is it perfect? Maybe not. Is it fun? Damned straight.

techie3576d ago

IGN UK gave it a 9 and so did Eurogamer. IGN US are mean.

callahan093576d ago

I usually agree with IGN, but every couple of months they come out with a review that I think is really short-sighted and harsh. This one comes to mind, the review for Disgaea 3, and the review for Haze.

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Elven63576d ago

This game has been receiving mixed reviews, usually a good sign you should trust your own instincts, although you should always trust your own instincts! I for instance loved Prizefighter despite it receiving mixed reviews, personal jems come in the most unlikely places.

meepmoopmeep3576d ago

it's really weird.

i still don't know wtf i'm doing or suppose to do

i turned it on today and GIRL went to the Moon and i got a trophy


phosphor1123576d ago

It's because the more online users stretch boy, the more girl stretches. Thats why it makes a big deal about being online when you start the game. And because she reached the moon, ,that means every other owner got it too.

Johnny Rotten3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

So far today I stretched 12,000 miles, 1000 of that was when I was asleep lol. Noby Noby Boy makes a good screen saver when your playing tunes off the hard drive!

Dipso3576d ago

Thanks..I didn't know it had in-game music support.

phosphor1123574d ago

He does stretch when you go afk doesnt he? He walks around and might just have rubber bands hold the sticks in opposite directions or something lol..

Coconutz9193576d ago

I'm REALLY suprised IGN US didn't like Noby Noby Boy. I think the game is a steal at $4.99. :(

40cal3576d ago

I am loving the crap out of this game. And yes its only 5 bucks. I was thinking more like a 8/10 for what it is.

SmokingMonkey3576d ago

what's better

Noby Noby Boy or Flower?

i'll probably get both in the end but what is better? my money is on Noby but i bet everyone will say Flower is better

chrisnick3576d ago

most definitely flower...its a that i can't play it for a week.

Why o why3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

i wasnt sure what to pick up either AS THERE ARE NO DEMO's Fix up on that part of psn please SONY. Its not like i can trade it in or sell it on if i felt ive been stung like hard copies.

Chillbilly3576d ago

I agree with chrisnick, go with Flower. It's the best PSN game i've played so far. Relaxing, fesh gameplay, challenging, eye candy, it has it all.

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