OXCGN: SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Review

OXCGN Writes:

"This compilation is quite a sizeable one, with 40 Mega Drive (Genesis) titles available from the get go, with another 9 Master System/Arcade games rounding out the full list at 49 classics. The Master System/Arcade titles are unlockable and tied directly to the achievement system, get 30 gamerscore and unlock Phantasy Star 1 at the same time, not too shabby SEGA."

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leeeeed3255d ago

I think I owe it to 8 year old DarkArmada :)

Immortal Kaim3255d ago

This collection looks like my childhood on a disk... pretty annoyed that they use the US boxart and that though.....

Hunter863255d ago

Definately going to give this a go. Some great titles on there.

Godem3255d ago

i've never really played a SEGA game.... my childhood was with Nintendo, so im really thinking about picking this baby up!

gaminoz3255d ago

I missed this whole console era. Wasn't my thing. It's good value now though.

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