Report: EU may order Microsoft to bundle other browsers

The EU hasn't formally stated what it intends to do if Microsoft is found guilty of abusing its monopoly position to drive Internet Explorer's market share, but the unofficial word is that the company may be forced to bundle other Web browsers. In a market where Firefox, Safari, and Chrome have generated a great deal of buzz, the efficacy or need for such a solution is questionable.

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GWAVE3556d ago

Hopefully they come to a fair solution that benefits the consumer and promotes competition.

KarIostomy3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

How can asking any company to bundle its competitor's products be a solution that promotes competition?

Realistically, in the economic long term, under these rules, companies will forego market leadership if it entails socialistic penalties.

Under these rules, the market will likelylearn that it is better to be the struggling underdog and hence be carried by penalties imposed on the market leader. (MS in this case)

This is not good for competition at all.

In fact, it is rather short-sighted and simple minded.

The market needs to be free! If people are too stupid to find out about Firefox (or all the alternatives) then let them use IE.

This is so stupid and frustrating!

evrfighter3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

agreed actually. if people are too stupid to download a free browser that's their problem not m$'s

simple fix is putting an html shortcut in the start button somewhere that takes a user to a list of alternative browsers.

Elven63556d ago

I remember my first PC (a eMachine) came with Netscape and Internet Explorer, probably not something Microsoft installed I take it?

They should just bring back the Netscape team and resume work on the browser, switching to Mozilla was a mistake since it gave the thing no identity, although the compatibility was a plus. :P

PotNoodle3556d ago


People shouldn't have to put up with IE simply because they don't know there are not any other alternatives.

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The story is too old to be commented.