IGN: Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Review

IGN writes: "So Dead Rising continues to be fun even if you scale back the visuals, reduce the zombie count, and ignore the hero's photographic abilities. Capcom must have really hit on something with the "zombie killing playground" design. A lot of corners have been cut to get this game on the Wii and the result is not the impressive next-gen experience it was on the 360. Rather, it's a breezy weekend diversion with some fun gameplay and subpar graphics. Mowing down (small) hordes of zombies is a mindless pleasure, but the experience system and exploration lend the game some depth. The addition of multiple save slots is an improvement, and the Wii controls work well. What was a showcase title for the 360 is an average, but fun, Wii game".

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HDDVD183520d ago

all capcom games are crap except street fighter
dead rising and lost planet were utter trash too
i played LP on my ps3 as well as x360 and was very disappointed

Shoko3520d ago

Aw C'mon, you might as well give a 7. But oh well, I really don't care for this game, and it was a pretty much expected review.

Danja3520d ago

I might give this a rent..I really enjoyed DR on the 360..

btw Capcom still waiting for you to make DR a PSN downloadable game

SinnedNogara3519d ago

The graphics in the game really suck, so this is the main reason that I will not buy the game. They could at least updated the RE4 engine to Xbox standards!! Oh well, they did a whole bunch of stuff that made the game worse.

TheColbertinator3520d ago

I'll still rent it to see how it is

miles-prower3519d ago

did you know that there is a game called the Conduit on wii?
i think NO
now go to your Stupid 360 and play Oneechanbra

frayer3520d ago

The wii is trash just like its games...

Shoko3520d ago

Yea, like: Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess and Super Smash Bros Brawl and No More Heores and HotD: Overkill and Deadly Creatures and Tales of Symphonia 2 right?

WiiJunkii3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Your post is trash, just like your mom.

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The story is too old to be commented.