What should I get for my family's PS3?

Cnn writes: "When the PS3 initially came out, I admit I had my reservations. Offering a Blu-ray media player with its console at a time when the HD format war was in full swing was a pretty gutsy move on Sony's part -- one that paid off as HD DVD fell by the wayside. The Xbox 360, while going with the now-defunct HD DVD format for its media player, is superior (in my opinion) in its online gaming options.

Still, you didn't ask me what my preferences were, and I'm going to do my best to answer the question that you did ask. So I recruited the help of techstylist, a regular viewer of mine, who absolutely loves his PS3. I asked him for a top five, but he threw a bonus recommendation in there for a total of six. Since I'm not a math teacher, I won't dock him any points for extra effort!"

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ThanatosDMC3553d ago

If it's for the family with little kiddies running about, i say:

1. Little Big Planet
2. PSN games like Pixel Junk Eden or
3. Bluray movies
4. Aqua something... that fish screen saver thing with the PS3 Eye. My neighbors kid loves jumping around infront of the camera to feed the fishes.

MelaDarkwood3553d ago

It's called Aquatopia. And the fishies are fun. =)

arika3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

1 ratchet clank tod and quest for booty
2 bluray movies( especially the ones from disney )
3 eyepet
4 buzz quiz
5 little big planet
6 singstar and the disney singstar
7 internet parental lock
8 future proof
9 extra internet surfing for the family
10 aquatopia
11 lumines
12 flower
13 the eye of judgement
14 pixel junk eden
15 cuboid
16 pain(thanks for the heads up cajun)
17 high velocity bowling
18 wipeout
19 motorstorm 1 and 2

to be continued

Myst3553d ago

I agree :), but I'd maybe put bluray movies at the top personally. As if they enjoy it as a family then they may enjoy movies more so than LBP, Actually come to think of it; but would be in the number one spot in my opinion.

SmokingMonkey3553d ago

and KillZone2///no family should be without KZ2.

every single PS3 deserves a KZ2 bluray disc to grace it's insides

Raoh3553d ago

for family.

i say singstar, buzzquiz, littlebigplanet, motorstorm, etc games that are not violent and easy for all ages to pick up..

Cajun Chicken3553d ago

Ratchet and Clank Future and Quest for Booty!...Immediatly!

frayer3553d ago

Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet, and MotorStorm.

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