NowGamer: Empire: Total War Preview


"Our multiplayer naval battle ended a rousing success, routing all of the French, two of the Spanish vessels and capturing the third with zero losses for our team. You can't always put this down to superior seamanship though, even matching unit for unit there are many means of getting an edge over the enemy, "Copper-bottoming makes your ships move through water faster because they don't get fouled with kelp and so on; that will also have a campaign map effect by increasing the range of your ships. There's sauerkraut and limes, and they keep your crew happy because they're not all dying of scurvy. One of the things that doesn't get covered a lot when people talk about Trafalgar, for example, was that the Spanish and French crews were almost all suffering from scurvy. The British crews, on the other hand, were eating meat every day and had fresh veg shipped out to them on station. As a result their health was higher and went into battle with a much more positive frame of mind." You heard it here first: Total War fans looking at long-term incarceration with Empire come February, remember your greens."

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