GameDaily: RACE Pro Review

GameDaily writes: "Although it lags behind Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, Atari's Race Pro is easily approachable to both simulation fans and newcomers. Its comfortable controls allow you to speed past the competition and make split second decisions. For race fnas who like to get under the hood and multiple tweaking options that include a number of assist systems that let you get the hang of your ride. Once you're ready to race, Hot Seat mode lets you and a friend switch between cars during a race; it's confusing at first, but still a cool idea. Fun to drive is one thing but racing fans will find issue its plain looking tracks and the cars that feel unrealistic, but Race Pro is worth a test drive for any racer looking for something new".

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KionicWarlord2223519d ago

think thats a good score for new title. anyone agree?

Obama3519d ago

Not really actually. Seems like a flop to me.