NowGamer: Tekken 6 Preview


"We're fortunate, then, that Namco looks set to treat gamers to a wealth of gameplay additions that will keep pads rotating around a room of friends practically indefinitely. Taking a rather surprising cue from Mortal Kombat's 'Rage' system, health bars have been altered so that the last few embers of life becomes the time players can deal out the most damage. To balance out the scales a little, combo attacks can be strung out using walls and floors to bounce fighters from; an action that apparently counts as a hit."

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Le Idiotce3547d ago

From article: "Another PlayStation exclusive falls by the wayside, and we’re very happy!"

A shiatty xbot will always remain a shiatty xbot. Xbots dont even know they cant control the characters with the horrible horrible 360 controller they have.

Like I said, even in the days of their doom, they still run around like they own the place.

Oh how reality will struck them like bricks falling on top of them hahaha.