NowGamer: The Witcher: Rise Of The White Wolf Preview

Being an outcast, the most interesting dynamic working within The Witcher's world is how those around you react to your presence. Decisions will need to be made that will directly affect the way in which the common folk perceive you, whether that be fear, loathing or maybe even respect. The game's world is vast, the monsters many and the quests varied. But what will be most intriguing for us is the place we make for ourselves within it. While the screenshots scattered around these very pages represent an aim more than they do a state of development, The Witcher on PC was a beautiful looking RPG. We can comfortably expect comparable visual quality, CD Projekt promising us film-like presentation. Whether or not the game hits the same note with 360 gamers will all be down to some rather complicated proof inside a labour-intensive port pudding.

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