NowGamer: Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Preview

Wanted was always going to be relatively easy to turn into a game, but getting right the visually spectacular bullet-bending could have been a problem. As it stands, targeting a person or even parts of the scenery is a one-button affair, and a quick swivel of the thumb stick aligns the bullet's trajectory and then blam! Like every other combat element it's quick, easy, and it looks cool. Combining all of Wesley's abilities to take advantage of the tightly linear levels could prove a tad repetitive, but WOF is looking to shake things up with some sniper sequences – yawn – and interactive cut-scenes – okay, better. Think along the lines of a QTE with bullet time that also allows you to target specific characters. Action games rely on the quality of their level design and how many high-octane crazy shoot-outs they can squeeze out of them. All we can say right now is that things look promising for Weapons Of Fate.

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