Edge: Capcom's Monstrous Wii Prospects

Capcom has high hopes that the upcoming Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter 3 finds the same monstrous success in the West as it has in Japan.

During the Osaka, Japan-based publisher's earnings call for the December quarter, Capcom stated "...We plan to release our leading titles overseas to acquire game users, as the overseas market for Wii is extensive.

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kesvalk3553d ago

i hope they release it on US, cuz i want this game... and want it he fatest way possible

qface643553d ago

please capcom bring this game to the U.S
it would make me and many others very happy :D

ThanatosDMC3552d ago

But i traded in my wii quite a few months ago in gamestop! ARGH!!! I love Monster Hunter... i hope it becomes multiplat!

Myst3553d ago

It will be devastating in my neck of the woods, being that Monster Hunter Freedom 2 can't be found anywhere, but the first freedom can. I just hope that we (In the states at least) Did not receive Dos~ nor did we receive any of the updated titles. For the most part it seems Capcom of America is neglecting the series and not caring to much about it. Hopefully this will change as I really want to play Tri~ :)

mastiffchild3553d ago

Well, seeing as how Wii hasn't yet got Monster Hunter G yet I wouldn't start worrying unduly over Tri(even though as a proper new edition with all the bells and whistles it seems like the only one worth talking about)right now.
I don't see the point in either thew release of G in the same year as 3 OR if they want to make it a huge success online why they chose to go with the Wii and the poor performance of Wii Connect(compared to what they'd have had staying with PS or going multi on 360/PC/PS3. I'm not knocking the Wii but surely, if the rumours of paying to play online are true, they made a strange choice.
That said the game looks stunning esp for the Wii but stunning in it's own right too and I was really looking forward toi it myself til I realised it would be near Xmas at the earliest seeing as they haven't completed all the art yet or finished the Wii and PSP cersion of G either.
Worth keeping an eye on but I am worried, as someone who enjoyed the first game(all I played sadly as I never came across nuimeros dos up here), that Capcom may well miss their audience esp in the west where most fans stayed with PS3 and it'll be interesting to see how many MH fans switch to Wii in Japan as well. Hope it pays off for them though as noone else has really given the Wii a chance with a big exclusive third party existing franchise outside of Nintendo themselves. Pay for play though, on the Wii-risky, very risky and IU pray it doesn't come to pass for gamer and Capcom alike-we moan enough about bloody friend codes!

Smacktard3553d ago

"One of our leading titles is Monster Hunter 3. ... If we can gain recognition of this product in the European and North American markets, our market strategy will see a noticeable change."

Pretty much guarantees the US and EU are getting the game.

mastiffchild3553d ago

Yup, it'll come , lord knows when, but we'll get it. Question is:will it be pay for p[lay online and will the Wii netywork be up to it? After the disaster of SSBB you have to wonder about Capcom really doiong this on Wii. In fact since DMC4 , an underwhelming(i.e not as good as SF2THDR)SF4 and failing to live up to RE4 with RE5 I'm just starting to wonder about Capcom who are usually among my faves in the industry.Don't mention CTYD!

Myst3553d ago

Monster Hunter Uno~ was pay to play in Japan, I do not recall it being pay to play here. Though everywhere else is pay to play online (Japan primarily). I am sure the Wii can do it; but the issue of lag will never be completed. As when I was playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 with two other friends who were right across from me, we were experiencing lag still in monsters. Yet the lag wasn't as strong when we used the Japanese Ad-Hoc party to play across our town. Overall though, I'd say the Wii can do it and since it's not Peer-to-Peer which is what brawl was, but more along the lines of server-peer which is similar to Mario Kart Wii I'd say it would be okay.

Hehe never trust capcom they haven't brought out quite a few Monster hunter titles and neglected to bring out G! :). Overall I think their trying to shape themselves up though.

Voiceofreason3552d ago

I had no issues with SSBB online.. If that is a disaster I wonder how poorly you consider every other online service. Let us take for example PS3 whose servers get shut down with every big game. What issues were there with SSBB? I had the game for a month at launch to see what all the fuss was about. Not my kind of game but everything worked as advertised.